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The FIBA WORLD Championship in SAITAMA JAPAN opened the doors for outstanding young men who play tremendous level of basketball.

A player from Greece who was called baby SHAQ at 21 will play in the NBA this season. The 19 year Jian Lian Li of China should be heading to NBA next year. The 23 year and 7’3 Peter John Ramos of Puerto Rico is also in the list of NBA prospect, The 6 feet two inches Sergio Rodrigues of SPAIN is only 20 years old but he runs the point for the Champion Spain.

Leandro Barbosa of Brazil has already made a name in the NBA. Probably the most gifted player on the Brazilian national team. Scoring more than 28 points per game in Brazil as a 20-year-old, Barbosa had to keep looking for new challenges until he landed in the NBA a year before being eligible for the draft. The whole Brazil is rooting for Phoenix Suns because of Barbosa.

Twenty year olds Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony? They were on top of the world and on top of their game. You will surely see them in BEIJING 2008. They would be in early twenties by then and mature enough to put the championship where it should be.
Here in the Philippines? PBA?

L.A. Tenorio is already 24 years old and was once said “ I was like a kid with these guys”. He has just to wait a little more time to be at the starting five.

Kelly Williams is said to be the brightest rookie of the draft at 24. He is quick and jumps really high. He is very athletic and a lot of future awaits him in the PBA.

Joseph Yeo is now twenty three and now adjusting for Coca Cola Tigers.He should be the future of the Tigers and the team will be rebuilt around him if not to be disbanded.

Arwind Santos is the number two overall in the draft. He won two MVP trophies and led FEU to championship in the UAAP in 2003. He is now twenty five years old.

Do you think they would mature enough and put their games at their peak before thirty? Maybe yes, but how long?

It is easy to presume that our line up in the Beijing Olympics is a bunch of almost thirty year olds. And that if they qualify, and if they fail and beat none, they would be known as bunch of almost thirty year old lemons.

Do I hear Japeth Aguilar as our savior? No. He is eligible to play in the PBA three or four years from now. It is very certain that our National team would be from the PBA.

Have you heard about Vergel Meneses and Kerby Raymundo trying to add a year in their age to be eligible for the PBA?

What are the rules? Is it fair enough? Should a young Filipino seven footer play in the PBL first or play in the national team for a certain period of time before they can play in the PBA. Does he have to prove his worth in the collegiate league? Isn’t it very easy? if he plays like a five footer, just don’t get him, and if he play like it should be, just give him the chance.

Well, If that would be the case, rules can be sometimes flexible enough to accommodate a player like that.

Is Noli Eala listening?
Do I sound that I knew everything?
Can you survive another question?

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