PBA Weekly ASTIG Rankings – Week 4: Realtors Reclaim 1st Spot

November 1, 2006 by  

Teams getting stronger and others getting weaker and weaker as the season progresses. Is this the week where we will get a preview of where we are really heading?

1. Sta. Lucia
Rank Last Week: 7
Record: 5-1
Games: 105 – 83 (W: Red Bull), 102 – 90 (W: Talk N Text)
Notes: Everything is all right in the land of Sta. Lucia after all. After experiencing their first loss, Sta. Lucia got back at the rest of the league by beating Red Bull and heavily favored Talk N Text. Are the Realtors for real? A balanced rejuvenated lineup could be all the evidence we need at this point.

2. Ginebra
Rank Last Week: 9
Record: 5-2
Games: 102 – 75 (W: Coke), 98 – 91 (W: Alaska)
Notes: The Kings are almost back at their throne and they are bringing high flying Ronald Tubid along for the ride. How long will we be subjected to mind boggling SMC trades?

3. San Miguel
Rank Last Week: 1
Record: 3-3
Games: 118-112 (W: Air21)
Notes: They go down the rankings because of the strong performances by Sta. Lucia and Ginebra. Aside from that, this team is still on the up and is starting to go places with great veterans valuable rookies.

4. Purefoods
Rank Last Week: 6
Record: 4-3
Games: 109-103 (W: Talk N Text), 82-78 (W: Alaska)
Notes: The steady climb continues for the defending champs. After an instant classic, triple overtime victory, over Talk N Text and a four point win over Alaska, they finally had a good week. But you kind of sense that Purefoods is much more than these and are still not getting every cylinder going.

5. Red Bull
Rank Last Week: 4
Record: 4-2
Games: 83-105 (L: Sta. Lucia), 80-77 (W: Welcoat)
Notes: The Barakos lost one and then won another. Both games were unimpressive and forgettable for Red Bull. It seems they haven’t gotten over their parting with Lordy Tugade.

6. Coke
Rank Last Week: 5
Record: 3-4
Games: 75-102 (L: Ginebra), 92-86 (W: Welcoat)
Notes: Just like Red Bull, they have a fair showing this week but unlike them, this was expected from Coke. Their lineup is too unbalanced to expect much this conference and yet they are doing their work out there as best as they can.

7. Welcoat
Rank Last Week: 8
Record: 2-5
Games: 77-80 (L: Red Bull), 86-92 (L: Coke)
Notes: They start the list of teams that didn’t win anything this week. In fact they lost two and should’ve easily slid tohe last three but their losses were nail biters and could’ve gone either way. Plus as expansion teams, you just have to give them some slack.

8. Air21
Rank Last Week: 2
Record: 2-4
Games: 102 – 118 (L: San Miguel)
Notes: Air21 moves like a yo-yo in the Astig rankings. They just played one game and lost but the way they did it merits a bottom three spot. Another reason why they have this rank is the Tubid trade they made which for me is another unusual move to say the least.

9. Talk N Text
Rank Last Week: 3
Record: 4-3
Games: 103 – 109 (L: Purefoods), 90 – 102 (L: Sta. Lucia)
Notes: TNT is another team that needs a wake-up call to get back to their winning ways. The only reason why they didn’t get the 10th spot is because they still have a good record. But it is hard to deny that they are sliding down and really needed this break to review their situation.

10. Alaska
Rank Last Week: 10
Record: 1-6
Games: 78-82 (L: Purefoods), 91 – 98 (L: Ginebra)
Notes: They are the first team to repeat at this spot at two consecutive weeks at that! They are really trying but the loss of Mike Cortez seems too big right now.

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