Great Local Sports Magazine TV Shows

November 8, 2006 by  

1. In The Zone – If you want in depth and incisive discussion of basketball and other major sports issues, In The Zone is the place to be. They started this a daily radio program but the new TV version is very good. Robbie Puno, Jude Turcuato and Patricia Hizon carry the show well. Even the interviews are meaty and they rarely resort to cutesy stuff.

2. Hoops Nation – The features here are more player and team-centric and on the lighter side of basketball things. But the way they present it isn’t a turn off and not corny wherein shows like these tend to go if they concentrate on personalities. Hoops Nation does not go too much in the way of over the top or dramatic music and hyper-active teeny-bopper hosts to make a good presentation. Great job by Alex Compton and Cheska Litton on this show.

3. ANC’s Gamezone – Whether you like Boom Gonzalez and Gretchen Fulido or not, this is a good show. The best ones come when analysis of an upcoming big game like the UAAP Final Four and Finals. Again the show is pretty straight forward very few hanky panky here which is what hardcore sports fans love.

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