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January 21, 2007 by  

In a short span of this blog’s life, we have been contacted by bunch of agents and coaches living abroad (mostly Europeans) that they want to do business here in the Philippines. Internet is a big place where you just can’t trust every all. So, we can’t post offers and applications. We do not want to be a conduit of anything fraudulent or scams (fake Fil-Ams, fake Passports, Visas etc.) Well, John Domantay, having Filipino roots made us give way and bend the unwritten rule.

John Domantay is a sports agent based in San Fransisco California. He is originally from Florida. Also, John’s father still lives in the Philippines.

During our quick online interview, he claimed to be in contact with lots of ex-NBA players and other high levels players. And so, Philippine GMs looking for imports may want to try John.

John said he honed his skills in the U.S. and feels, he is ready to do business in the Philippine Basketball circuit. But one disappointment he has is the trouble of contacting the right people and the right clubs in PBA. He asked for assistance. Well this entry is the only thing we can do as of now as we cover Philippine basketball from the outside, we do not have GM’s ears. So profiling John Domantay might help. Hoops.Blink.Ph is surely being read by basketball people and fanatics. Even the non-savvy internet users get to land in here. Players, managers connected in the www will surely end up in this site (try googling Philippines’ basketball personalities, names and teams, in a minute or so, you’ll end up back here).

We can understand him not being able to contact the right people. Reason is, I believe, the pre-qualification and signing of imports and scouting of Fil-Am basketball players are being done by handful of scouts and agents. I know, Sam Unera is the biggest player in the industry.

But what John can also do as he points out, is that, he can help Filipino athletes. Like, playing basketball in other countries professionally or if they would be interested in studying and playing basketball for an American college. Much like what Japeth Aguilar is into.

John also mentions that he is involved in the entertainment side, looking to recruit models, actors and singers. Models? Ahem. Actors? Ahem. Singer? Ahem.

This is me speaking from experience, if he wants to enter a market (which is, in this case, the PBA), he should cut out the scope of his services. He could cross out the entertainment side for a moment and focus on hoops. Well, I am far from being a great career guru, so this paragraph doesn’t really exist. Yes, forget this.

Going back to John, he sent his fully-loaded resume and letter, if you ever need his services, contact us. We’ll pass his resume for you to check his docs. After all, I am the De Facto Agent of a Sports Agent wanting to do business here in the Philippines. After John’s first deal here in the Philippines, he agreed to send me one Spalding Microfiber NBA ball (yes the defunct one) or an American Football (last time I had an orig one was when I was 12). OK, he didn’t commit anything.

SMC, PLDT, Redbull, Sta. Lucia and all of you basketball chiefs, try digging John yourself. Parties interested to check out John’s services are advised to do necessary evaluation too. We are not responsible for anything that could go wrong in any deal. But if something goes right, we are responsible for something.

Contact John directly at:

John Tan Domantay – Juris Doctor
Domantay Sports/Entertainment Agency
426 Vienna St.
San Francisco, CA 94112
Phone-1 (415)-260-7721

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