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February 20, 2007 by  

lebron james website

You know it takes a lot of bread to hook up LeBron James in endorsing products. Think Nike! Think PowerAde! Think Upperdeck!

Even before LeBron could score a single point in the NBA, Nike already invested 95 million dollars in him. Think about that. Converting to Philippine peso, that is P5 billion right there. Enough to live a hundred lifetimes. That’s just for wearing FREE shoes.

I think my introduction to what I want to say is going a bit long. So cutting the intro right now. The reason I mentioned his past deals is that Microsoft (MSN.com) just released a LeBron James web site. The “LeBron on MSN” site.

Did I mention you need to cash to sign up LeBron? Well, if there’s a company that has te cash to sign him up, it Bill Gates’ Micro$oft.

It’s at http://lebron.msn.com/.

How about that? MSN gave one precious MSN sub-domain name for LeBron alone. When Lebron was still in High School, Sports Illustrated had him in the cover, headlined, “The Chosen One.” With all these things falling in James’ lap, indeed, he is the chosen one.

At site, there are lots of things being offered like pimping your messenger with a LeBron theme, LeBron James online games, fanstasy stats, scores, and of course news and features.

Lebron’s blog is at MSN’s Spaces.Live. too. Check out LBJ’s blog here.

So, Lebron is a Microsoft guy eh? Either Wade or Melo should be using Mac then.

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