Hoops Midnight Site Updates

March 31, 2007 by  

Another midnight update for our site.

We’ve just installed a nice little Poll Pluggin. It’s now installed over at the far right side. Cast your vote!

And if you feel answering ’em all, Poll Archive is located here. One neat feature is the page won’t reload, AJAX type poll pluggin is installed. Enjoy! (One poll question is, who’s your favorite Hoops’ writer. It’s your chance to get back at us.)

Another great addition is, the HOOPS Exclusives. Only, this is for our internal use. Pass-protected page for our writers and developer. Theoretically, that’s the place where we’ll meet. Questions from Ask Hoops will be dumped in that page. As well as interesting links as soon as we have signed up with ESPN’s own Insider Subscription. We’ll be feeding our writers with more free links. Hmmm, how about making a full-blown paid Hoops Insider Page. :-)

Some re-shuffling within the sidebar too. Giving love to our sponsors, we moved the ads closer to the articles.

News too, we have added one site on our blogroll as we set-up a sister blog (literally a sister’s blog), it’s at SHOP.blink.ph. Spreading more, more, more and more ways to earn a living online. Check it out, it’s at test load.

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