Ball Hog: Be Like Mike, Horry’s Pledge, WWE Beats NBA Playoffs and Get Kevin Garnett

May 22, 2007 by  

Be Like Mike

An apple tree will always bear an apple. And so, in Michael Jordan’s case, it surprises us no more if publishes a post about Jordan kids gone wild. Partying heavily eh? Just like dad.

Horry Says He Will Do It Again, Anytime

Lemme quote Bobby… “You know what?” Horry said. “If I had the situation to do all over again, I would still [do it]. That’s just the way I’m programmed. You go over there and foul, and you foul them hard. The only thing I wish I could have changed is that it wouldn’t have been that close to the scorer’s table. Other than that, I’m an old-fashioned player, an old-school player who will foul you and foul you hard.” More…

More People Are Watching WWE Than the NBA Playoffs

Golden State Warriors’ trouncing of the Dallas Mavs aside, this has been a weak NBA play-offs thus far. Simmons dared us to name the top ten 07 NBA play-offs highlights. I felt, I will not be able to complete the list, quick. Add the Diaw and Amare suspension, no Suns, no Lakers, no Heat, no Bulls, no Mavs and what we got is a NBA playoffs snooze fest. Result? WWE Raw were watched by more people than any of the NBA games. Story here.

Get Garnett Dot Com explains how the Los Angeles Lakers, now two-time first round kick-outs, could possibly get the services of Kevin Garnett of the Minnesota Timberwolves. “The Lakers have long been rumored to be interested in acquiring Kevin Garnett. If such a trade were to be put together, four criteria must be satisfied: 1) Minnesota must decide to put KG on the market. 2) They must get enough back in trade that they’re better off trading him than keeping him. 3) The Lakers would have to provide enough in trade to overcome the same-conference bias and potentially have to beat competing offers from other teams. 4) Finally, any trade would have to be legal per the rules of the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement. Entry here.

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