PBA’s All Time Dream Team

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The dream might be over, but it doesn’t mean that we would stop dreaming. You do get what I’m trying to point out right? Well, if not, here’s the thing. Imagine 12 of the best players who played in the PBA ever, all at their prime, all willing to play for the national team in just one team. Sounds good huh? The best players from the time of El Presidente to the era of the Demolition man, playing in one team. Take note, age is not a factor, let’s just imagine that they are all in their prime. Who would be your National Dream Team? Well, here’s mine

Note: I may have not been born yet during the time of most of the players that I will be mentioning but I’ve done my homework, watched tapes, researched and all those other things.
The Starters for your Team Pilipinas dream team

Ramon Fernandez, Center, 6’4, 180lbs: He’s probably the best big guy to ever to step foot in a PBA basketball court. The former four time MVP and thirteen time mythical team member would be a pain in the ass against all those Asian teams with his versatile offense, sticky defense and awesome court vision. He’s also the PBA’s all time leading scorer, rebounder and shot blocker. He also ranks second in assists and steals.

Alvin Patrimonio, Forward, 6’3, 215lbs: Arguably the best forward in PBA history ever. Physically, I’ve never seen a guy who has a combination of bulk, speed and athleticism. He can also step out of the paint and drain those long ones. A guy who’s got a big heart and is definitely reliable during clutch situations. He’s tied with Ramon Fernandez for the most number of MVP awards ever.

Allan Caidic, Guard, 6’2, 173lbs: He’s the best darn shooter in Philippine History ever. He earned the respect of Asia when he led the all amateur team to a first place finish in the 1986 Fiba Asia Basketball Tournament. He holds many individual records in both the amateur ranks and in the PBA. He holds the PBA All time records of the most points in a single game by a Filipino (79 points), the most points in a single half (53 points), the most points in a single quarter (37 points), the most three-point field goals made and attempts in a game (17/27 triples), the most three-point field goals made in a quarter (8 triples) and the most consecutive three-point field goals made in a single game (8 triples).

Samboy Lim, Guard, 6’0, 180lbs: He’s the most exciting Filipino basketball player ever. He’s probably the most athletic and the greatest player not to win an MVP award. He’s got a leaping ability ten times more than Marlou’s and Noli’s combined. But no, despite his leaping ability he also can step outside and nail those three balls accurately. Talking about versatility. But despite all those, you’ll usually see him diving for the looseballs and battling out on rebounds.

Robert Jaworski, Guard, 6’1, 192lbs: Behind the fame, the glamour, the chants and fan bases there was a player named Sonny Jaworski. Played for the UE Red Warriors before stepping into the Pro ranks to play for Toyota. He’s known for his rigid ways, dirty plays, fancy passes and motivational speeches. For once in his career, he averaged 20 points, 12 assists and 9 rebounds in a conference. Take note, there were imports at that time. After his illustrious career as a player, he went on to coach the most famous team in the PBA, The Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings (Gordons Gin and Ginebra Na! at his time).

The Relievers

Benjie Paras, Center, 6’5, 192lbs: Before he turned retarded in GMA 7 comedy shows, he was one of the most skilled bigman at his time. The only PBA player to win the Rookie of the year award and the MVP award at the same freaking time. Some would say he’s a duplicate of the great Ramon Fernandez. He has excellent ball handling, respectable mid range shots and a hell lot of power inside, rebounding wise and scoring wise.

Jerry Codinera, Center/Forward, 6’5, 210lbs: His monicker “The Defense Minister” says it all. Because I have nothing much to say about this guy. He plays tough defense, tough defense and tough defense on the post. Aside from that, he can take those mid rangers which makes him tough to defend. He holds the all time PBA record of most shot blocks in a game with 11.

Kenneth Duremdes, Guard/Forward, 6’3, 195lbs: A guy who can get inside the paint at will. In his prime, he’s a nightmare for the opposing team’s best defender. He can nail threes, pull up on mid range jumpers and score on highlight reel layups and dunks. At 1998 he was named the Most Valuable Player. And at the year 2000, he was included in the 25 greatest players of the PBA, at only 26 years of age.

Danny Seigle, Forward, 6’7, 205lbs: Despite his poor showing at the previous FIBA ASIA, he’s a perfect fit to international tournaments. I would say he was the missing link in the 2002 Busan Asian Games and I guess it’s safe to say that if he wasn’t injured during the FIBA ASIA, he would’ve been a big help. He’s a monster offensively, with his combination of height speed and athleticism, he can shoot over or post up against smaller defenders and he can dribble his way against bigger defenders. He’s a walking mismatch if you would ask me.

Danny Ildefonso, Center/Forward, 6’6, 220lbs: A guy who never wants to stop improving. He has unbelievable work ethic and he will work his ass off until the final buzzer. Offensively, he’s the best I’ve seen with has back against the basket. He has exceptional footwork and an amazing mid range off the glass jumpers. And you can’t discount him on defense too, he’s a good post defender and has the speed to defend quicker wingmen.

Vergel Meneses, Guard, 6’3, 195lbs: One of the best offensive players in Philippine basketball history. He can beat his defender with a million different moves. He can post up, he can take jumpers and damn sure he can fly. He was a former Most Valuable Player, a former two time Mythical Five member and a former four time All Star MVP. I think, I’d rank him second in the most entertaining PBA player ever category. Guess who the first one is.

Johnny Abbarientos, Guard, 5’7, 165lbs: The smallest player to win a PBA MVP award, The Flying A will definitely go down in PBA history as one of the premier point guards in the league. He holds the all time record in steals and he was the chief orchestrator of the Alaska grandslam in 1996.

The Coach

Ron Jacobs: Based on our poll on who should be handling the next Philippine team, Ron Jacobs’ name was on top of the list. And he deserves to be there. Ron Jacobs is a coach who has lots of experience in International games, he’s a fundamentally sound coach, loves to run the motion offense, which includes proper spacing, good ball rotation and good movement without the ball.

Well, that’s it, if someone should’ve been on the list and I missed him, feel free to comment or much better, create your own PBA Dream Team.

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