PBA Philippine Cup Must See Games

December 7, 2007 by  

With only 19 playdates to go and only 35 games to be played, let’s look at the games I (you) must not miss.

Prologue – The NBA Season is uber-long. Despite them saying all games matter, that’s not exactly true. (in fact, give take 2 to 5 games, unconsciously, players are kinda slacking per 82 games). It’s the same in the PBA. In the PBA’s pro-longed elims and classification stage, if your sched doesn’t allow you to, you are allowed too to miss some games as well. No subpoena will be sent if ever you miss a game. But, there are games that need to be marked. So therefore, for the remainder of the 2007 Smart Philippine Cup classification, let me try to mark the potential great games.

December 7, 2007

Brgy. Ginebra meets Air21 in the first game and second offering is Talk N Text versus Purefoods. Purefoods is coming from a BIG Magnolia massacre and you know by now, Talk n Text is coming from a lus-los, err, loss-loss. Losing back to back to back games and in the process losing the decade-long TNT Pillar, Asi Taulava. I smell another ‘L’ for TnT. Meanwhile, first game is the must-see game for me on this play date (TODAY). Run, run, run baby. The fast, the furious, the fearless versus the entire running game of Air21. Fast rising stars Arwind Santos and Ranidel de Ocampo will try to lead the Air21 pack out of the middle group. Warning – for Ginebra haters, my pick is loaded with Gins’ games.

December 8, 2007

RedBull’s winning run is dead via Coca Cola Taulava’ers. As much as I want them to bounce back on their next gig, they’ll be having tougher time against Magnolia the next bout. Why? Finally, I see some semblance of “team” from the Magnolia Team. It looks like they are peaking at the right time. Fresh from man-slaughtering Purefoods, they followed it up with a Lordy Tugade killer shot. Besides, last time they met, RB toasted Magnolia. Law of averages dictates, it will be a Magnolia win next time. BUT and this is a big BUT, against Yeng’s Red Bull, nothing is sure. Health of Cyrus Baguio will be a factor for this game, the rest of the elims for that matter.

December 12, 2007

Not that special other than I love tracking Asi Taulava’s performance, minutes and numbers. Magnolia better win that one against Red Bull (above.) A Coca Cola game nowadays isn’t a guaranteed victory for opposing teams. Go go go Coca Cola 88’ers.

December 15, 2007

I love watching Air 21. In case Purefoods is still winning around next week, this is a nice game. Kerby Raymundo versus Ranidel De Ocampo and Yap versus Santos are the featured match-ups in this game. Sideshow will be, I will count how many times will Ryan Gregorio look at the coliseum big screen versus Arboleda’s own screen viewing count. Both guys, they enjoy looking at big screen, checking if they are on it.

December 16, 2007

Gins versus SMB will always be one of the premier match-ups in the PBA. Brgy. Ginebra quest for revenge will start at 6:30 pm versus Magnolia Beverage Masters. Will the Ginebra Killer derail the Gins one more time? Or, Jong Uichico has done a lot of googling and thinking as to how the hell will he stop Tugade (and Hontiveros, and Danny I, and Danny S, and Villanueva).

December 21, 2007

Again, with teams angling to make the cut and positioning for better classification, Coca Cola 88’ers versus Ginebra should be marked as Go Home Early Game. Former big men MVPs, Menk and Taulava, will show the world they are not washed up former MVPs. And I agree, both guys are still good to go. And, Kenneth Duremdes will prove that he is not a washed-up former PBA MVP too, only slightly washed-up! It will be second game of an Cuneta Astro twin bill.

December 25, 2007

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!!! Who’ll have a Merrier Christmas day? On a side note, too bad for players booked to play on Christmas Day, they have to stay away from heavy servings of Ham, Halaya, Hotdog, Hetcetera, the night before. Last time these two met, the house was packed. Their next EB, it’s at Araneta. They will not full-fill the Big Dome but Mark, Menk, Jay Jay, Yap and Raymundo will surely fill up stat sheets. Also, this game is part of the question in this contest.

Boy, already year 2008…

January 6, 2008

I remember the Purefoods – Magnolia game, Rommel Adducul peppered the young center Samigue Eman with cheap shots. Poor Samigue. Will he, Adducul, be able to his dirty stuff against a born-again Asi Taulava? We’ll see. (Or, I will not. I intend to lipat-bahay on that date, January 6 2008, 1-6-8. Chekwas say it’s a lucky number/date.)

January 9, 2006

Asi Taulava day again. Red Bull will surely do their best to give it back to Coca Cola 88’ers. Asi Taulava played 45 minutes just to slightly edged out Red Bull last December 5. He may have to play full-48-minutes at full throttle to repeat as Skyrus Baguio will surely be back in the Red Bull line up ’round that time.

January 16, 2008

Saving the best for last, the last games of the classification phase will feature Talk N Text against Coca-Cola. Not bad of second game either, Red Bull will try to score 2 and 0 against Purefoods. Remember, it’s RedBull who tainted Purefoods’ record with its first “L”. With team records only separated by a game or two, it is unlikely that the last two are non-bearings games. Asi Taulava versus his old mates, that’s a must-see PBA basketball. Games will be at Cuneta Astrodome, hopefully, I’ll be there to see Asi punish Yancee, Allado and Jay Washington live.

For Welcoat, Sta. Lucia and Alaska fans, sorry if I don’t have your teams in here. It’s unintentional. I LOVE OMOLON!

Above schedules are from PBA.ph website. The rest of the sched here.

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