James Yap gets chased by Talk and Text import, Terrence Leather

July 10, 2008 by  

LAWLZ! Talking about hitting and running. After a brief altercation between Jondan Salvador and Talk and Text Import Terrence Leather, James Yap decided to join the fun by literally kicking Terrence Leather’s ass when Leather wasn’t looking. And you know what happened as soon as Leather fronts James? James Yap ran, like a little kid who’s caught peeping in a bathroom. (The chase starts at 0:51) And you know what? After being separated, James Yap actually had the balls to even throw a ball at Terrence Leather…. when there were like 10 people separating them. Lawlz (See it at 1:11)

Funny stuff, the look on the Talk and Text’s enraged import and the scared face of James Yap is priceless. Awesome stuff.

Longer video below…

Problem would be, if Terrence Leather would be suspended (Which I know he will be) TNT could be playing without an import in all important do or die game against SLR tomorrow. Wow, what great timing by James Yap’s kick. Lol

My two cents,

1) James Yap SHOULD HAVE been thrown out for his actions earlier. He threw a kick (No matter how soft it is) and that kick aggravated the heat. Everything was under control, until James threw that kick (I don’t know why, James seems to be a very cool guy on the court)
2) The Talk and Text Import needs to get anger management. Really. This is like the fourth time he got into a fight against a local. (Billy Mamaril, Eric Menk and Homer Se) and the second time he got thrown out. I expect a suspension and a fine.

3) Ali Peek is the real incredible hulk. You see how he dragged Enrico Villanueva away from Leather? Rico weighs about 250 pounds man and he just threw him out like Enrico was a little girl. Man oh man, what the heck was Robert Sanz thinking?

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