A Nike To Share

October 25, 2008 by  

We got some NIKE Stuff to share.


More than 20 items of Nike Bags, Nike Cases, NIKE DVDs My Game and Nike Water Bottles.

(Thanks NIKE PHILIPPINES and OGILVY for providing the freebies)

Two ways to get this. (1) Join the conversation via comments section and (2) joining the polls (see the polls below each page).

Each week, we’ll be giving away one item for “best comment” as chosen by the readers and the contributors/admin of HooPh.

Readers (ALL) can vote for their chosen comment by hitting the star button just below the comment. See below.

Hit the yellow star to vote!

Hit the yellow star to vote!

How to get the freebies?

Option A: Just give your best comments. (And join the voting as well. We see the logs of the comments voting, in case your comment is voted the best and you did not vote yourself, it aint right.) BTW, we’ll still pick the winning comment from those who receive more stars. So, the voting is not the end all and it can’t be rigged by unscrupulous votes.

(BTW, we’ll highlight the winning “best comment” per week. That alone is nice! MYMP!)

Fallback Option A: For frequent commenters and visitors of this site, always cast your vote on our polls. If there are no votes and no winning best comments, we’ll just pick a freebie winner from those who joined the poll that reached 100 votes minimum.

We got over 20 freebies to ship out, so this give-away should last til end of year. Merry Christmas!





11.11.08 – First batch winners here.

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