Mica Abesamis Takes Over

March 7, 2009 by  

In the ongoing national debate of who’s hotter Lia Cruz or Mica Abesamis, I’ve been favoring Lia Cruz mainly because she looks more fresh, looks genuinely kind and accommodating and a better reporter than Mica.

But the keyword is hotter. Not cuter. Not better. Not kind. Not accommodating. Not fresher.

Last night, Mica Abesamis did the first game and I was able to zoom in on her and walah, she’s definitely hot.


The only knack I have with MIca is, as I watched her last night, she’s constantly memorizing and rehearsing her reports, which means lesser times in actually watching the game. Then again, she’ll report for about only 3 times a game, who cares if she’s paying attention to the game. As long as she’s hot, forget the game.

Paging Ms. Cesca Litton, the challenge is on.

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