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Welcome to the performance revolution. Sportswear juggernaut adidas introduces its latest active line, TECHFIT, the latest compression system that gives you effective edge on the court.


Be faster with TECHFIT Powerweb or Be stronger with TECHFIT Padded and revolutionize the way you play. With Powerweb, you literally elevate your game with the use ofcompression fabrics and applied TPU bands in specific areas. These supports key muscle groups and stores elastic energy to deliver explosive acceleration and endurance throughout athletic movement. On the other hand, Paddedcompression protects you from flying knees and elbows and gives you extra freedom for that crossover or slam, turning the pounded into the pounder! With the TECHFIT Team System, adidas offers a new arsenal to help you become better for your brotherhood—whether you choose more speed or more protection.

Leading the performance revolution, adidas serves as the Official Compression Brand of the NBA for its 2009 to 2010 season. As the official outfitter of the best players on planet, adidas provides all 450 players across 30 NBA teams with TECHFIT Padded and Powerwebcompression base layer to be worn underneath their uniforms for optimal on-court performance. This exclusive NBA Partnership highlights adidas TECHFIT as a complete and customizable system to address every player’s individual needs regardless of the game situation.



adidas TECHFIT has been tested most notably by 2009 NBA All-Star Dwight Howard. Nicknames Superman, the 6’ 11”-center and power forward of the Orlando Magic is widely regarded as one of the most powerful giants in the NBA and one of the league’s best rebounder. To elevate his game, he needs to be faster.

adidas TECHFIT PowerWeb combines compression fabrics and a web of strategically placed Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) powerbands to boost power to key muscle groups for more efficient movement increasing acceleration, improving endurance, and reducing fatigue.
Benefits of the PowerWeb line, such as in the use of the calf sleeve, include increased blood flow, which speeds up the process of energy creation in muscles. PowerWeb tanks improve core stability, which is the key to achieving strength, flexibility, and explosive power. By pulling back shoulders and flattening the abdomen, it also promotes better athletic posture, creating subtle mechanical cues that propel you faster. In addition, TPU bands act like a slingshot, returning elastic energy for running and jumping. Included in the TECHFIT PowerWeb range are tanks, shorts, calf sleeves, and elbow sleeves.



Chicago Bulls point guard Dwight Rose, an NBA Rookie of the Year awardee, is one of the fastest players in the game. In his first playoff outing, he recorded a whopping 36 points, tying Kareem Abdul-Jabaar’s record for most points scored by a rookie in his debut. To elevate his game, he needs to be stronger.

adidas TECHFIT Padded, which includes padded tanks and shorts, features closed cell foam padding to protect athletes with maximum flexibility. By providing cushioning in the areas that take the most impact during a game, TECHFIT Padded is designed to resist the realities of flying elbows, hard fouls, and falls to the floor that come with the game, helping you battle in the paint and drive the lane. An interlocked cell pattern also provides 27 percent increased flexibility and ventilation for the most comfortable and driest protection. Both PowerWeb and Padded products are equipped with ClimaCool fabric technology, which manages moisture and sweat, allowing the body to stay cool and dry.
Overall, adidas TECHFIT is designed to give athletes a distinct physiological and psychological advantage. Through enhanced speed and increased power, the highly advancedcompression apparel delivers proven performance, giving you the confidence to perform better just like your NBA heroes.

The adidas TECHFIT range is now available in leading adidas stores.

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