Milkmen Neutralize the Bolts; Talk n’ Text well, -Pinulutan ang Beermen

March 26, 2011 by  

My thoughts on last night’s games (March 25,2011)…

At this point in such a short conference, every PBA team wanted to get every win they could, in every game they play.  Watching from the sidecourts and upclose TV-side,  this seemed evidently so, except for one team. (Bet, the team you first thought of—is probably right.)

The San Miguel Beermen didn’t prove us wrong tonight either. Friday night- PBA night started with an exciting match of the Aces vs. the Bolts, with then TNT vs. SMB to cap the night off, making us, literally sleepy.

Coach Ryan Gregorio and his team wanted more wins to escape elimination (bottom four teams get cut from this conference), and coming from a 2 –game winning streak, their confidence is really high up. I’ve said this before: when Cardona was traded to Meralco from TNT, it did wonders for TNT’s game. Not that I’m a Cardona hater. That he is good is an understatement, but we very well know he raked in points for his team. The Tropang Texters, without Mac, however, oozed with what teamwork meant, showing that every player was essential, and every player pretty much knew what his role was in the team.  Sure, not all of the TNT guys now can make so much points as Cardona usually can in a single game, but their overall efficiency puts them at the top spot. Except for Rich Alvarez, everyone in TNT’s bench played tonight. (Why? I don’t know too. A little help here, @fmango? @snowbadua?)

Going back to Alaska’s and Meralco’s game, I would normally root for Coach Tim Cone’s men. He is my childhood- hero- coach, afterall. But tonight, I was cheering for the Bolts too! (So in other words, no sides, just enjoying the hoops excitement..while it lasted!) I have to give it to Meralco: they definitely play better than the Beermen now, showing finally some chemistry among their players. Sol Mercado and Mac Cardona’s stats were pretty impressive, and putting Ross there just added more spark to Meralco’s game. Meralco was up most for most parts of the game, up until LA Tenorio was unstoppable, shooting his 3’s like crazy. From a low of 10 points, Milkmen managed to tie the game, and put it on overtime, with a slim lead. Of course, you gotta give it to Joe Devance too. What sprain were you talking about, Joe??

Coach Ryan’s face spelled disappointment, but Coach, at least it was not without a fight! Meralco showed a little “power disturbances” towards the end, which need a little working on, I guess. A little more chemistry for Sol Mercado and Mac Cardona, and they would’ve nailed it. (That last opportunity to shoot with seconds left? Could’ve tied the game again for a 2OT. I personally think Mercado should’ve just made that shot. Nawalan ng connection bigla? Nag-fluctuate ang kuryente?)

As for the Tropang Texters and Beermen, yes, as the teaser said, we’ve seen this match-up just recently, only now, the Beermen, seemed to have lost all hope for a win. Ganun na lang yun??

From that closing still of gameface Alapag vs. and Smiley Cabagnot, I sensed something wrong already. Sure, SMB import Young scored so much, but not enough to save them .(Ehem. Team sport, pwede po gumawa yung iba.And they even thought of replacing Young now? )  Cabagnot made sure shots, but judging from how he played last conference, he could’ve done better on these games. In the dome, and trending on twitter, everybody was wondering, “why, beermen, why?”  So if this is a side effect of that blockbuster trade, it’s about time we all move on. Air 21 has started building up and so should SMB.

I’ll say it again anyway, sh*tty trade, sh*tty games. (Sorry, but I suddenly remembered Hussaini’s Kebab tweet… we mentioned that somewhere here before.. funny lang.) I’ve never seen an SMB game without drive, without soul. I couldn’t even feel the SMB fans there! (Last confy, I cheered for the Beermen. This time, I say…what beermen? Disappointing. Danny I. should’ve been traded too, baka may panalo pa. I can almost feel for him. ) Looking at the coaches, Coach Chot seemed to have that “I’m sitting back now, relax” face, while Coach Ato seemed to sport  the “I’m sitting back now, alam na, ito na naman, Ktnxbye,”  face.

So if they’re changing team names, I hope it happens soon, before these guys taint the “Beermen” stereotype to a negative tone. But they could’ve a least ended the SMB namesake with a fight.

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