Dondon Hontiveros OR James Yap, Who is better?

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Saw these tweets… ivanne18 asked Paul Artadi, “hi idol cno mas magaling c para sau c dondon or c james yap? sana magreply ka =D”

And Paul replied diplomatically, “parehas magaling mag shoot!”

First off, I want to make a joke about Dondon & James both described being “magaling mag-shoot.” But will not do so.

Ok, just a little… on “magaling mag-shoot pareho”, muka nga.

Dondon VS James

Dondon VS James

Back to the question, who’s better? Considering these, (1) squaring off during their peak forms and (2) whole career stretch.

Your quick answer might be of course James Yap.

A big but, Dondon Hontiveros, as my friend insisted, is a franchise player type of guy just like James Yap. He just landed on super teams Tanduay & San Miguel, that’s why he adjusted his game in the PBA. Back in the MBA, as a young basketball player, he was Cebu Gems’ star player and MBA’s face in the south. Besides, some even consider Kerby Raymundo as the BMEG top guy.

Game-wise, both are deadly shooters and it’s a dead heat as far as shooting is concerned. Both are past winners of the three point shootout btw.

James Yap is a better finisher in the open court and he can get his shots off on his own just a bit better than Dondon. Hontiveros relies on screens and moving without the ball but can definitely score one on one as well when needed. But I am picking James Yap slightly in that aspect.

Dondon Hontiveros has slight advantage on defense. When committed, James Yap is a good defender as well. Both good passers when double teamed and good passers off-plays. Dondon, a willing passer throughout his career.

Both Dondon & James are well-loved teammates (reason why Paul can’t and will not pick one). Charisma, I’d say James Yap is ahead. Durability, I’ll give Dondon the edge too.

If the tie-break points goes to who the two, dated and is dating, we’ll be still deadlocked. You know.

Honestly, peak-for-peak plus career stretch, right now, I dunno who’s better. One of the rare instances that I don’t have an answer.

Help me & Ivanne, who is better? James OR Dondon?

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