An Open Letter to Terrence Romeo

August 28, 2011 by  

Dear Terrence,

I’ve really been meaning to write to you since the debacle of the Tamaraws against the Ateneo Blue Eagles last year in the UAAP Finals. See, there are a lot of stuff we can talk about, but there’s only one thing on my mind right now.

Your performances have been horrid this year. Too much dribbling, not much passing, too much shooting, too much turnovers. In short, you’ve been sucking up player. Why did you try to play hero against Ateneo during the first round? Don’t you realize that you have the MVP on your side and Aldrech “The Beast of the Far East” Ramos as well? Seriously? Are they that hard to see? Is everything in your vision the hoop and nothing but the hoop? I thought you were a far more better player than being able to just score. Sadly, I was proven wrong.

Then, in the second round, again, against Ateneo, barely a week has passed and you commit the same mistake again? There was just a one week break and you do it, AGAIN? Does nothing process inside your head as a ball player? You should’ve learned from your mistakes. RR Garcia, the MVP, was waxing hot all game long yet in the dying seconds you refuse to pass the ball to him? Are you knocked off your noggin’? And there you were committing probably the silliest, if not the dumbest, turnover in basketball I’ve ever seen since the “Time Out” of Chris Webber. What were you thinking as you went for a crossover when you were clearly trapped by Nico Salva towards the sidelines that you had to dribble it out of bounds? Seriously? Did your wits leave you that you did not pick up the ball and shopped for RR Garcia who was nearby? Really?

If FEU loses this season, they can’t blame inner drama, or off-court issues or game fixing and all those shenanigans the school has been associated with. In my opinion, the one to blame here, is you, Terrence Bill Romeo. You decided to play hero when the team already has one. You decided to hog the ball instead of sharing the wealth as a point guard does. What happened Terrence? You can’t score 81 or 83 points in the seniors. You should take that off your mind. You’re no longer the team’s star as it was in your days as a Baby Tam. RR and Aldrech are the men of the team now. You’re just fourth fiddle and third fiddle at best. Accept your role. Accept that you won’t star as much this year. Accept that whatever happens, it was your ball hogging and selfishness on offense that spelled doom on the Tamaraws. Learn from it. Be better, because, I’ll be expecting a lot from you as you guys try to topple Ateneo, once more.


Pio Garcia, concerned UAAP fan

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