Chris Lutz, officially a Petron Blaze Booster

September 29, 2011 by  

chris lutz with petron team "director" hector calma

Days, or even weeks ago, the deal is set for Lutz to be a Blaze Booster but only now it’s final and done with. Chris Lutz, signed, officially a Petron Blaze Boosters player.

He was picked third in the draft, ahead of Marcio Lassiter. Lutz got game but another reason Petron picked him ahead of Marcio is because they think he’s better fit with Arwind Santos. That, we will find out soon. By the way, all three mentioned, Lassiter, Lutz and Santos are clients of the EMBM.

I tweeted that Chris Lutz could be the new Dwight Lago of the Petron (SMB franchise). Some twitter buddies and I had discussions (can’t find the tweets though) and the gen assessment/prediction is, he’ll be more than a new Dwight Lago for Petron.

Another reason why the PBA incoming season is must-see, Chris Lutz playing for Petron.

Photo from Marvin Espiritu of EMBM.

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