Top 5 Lito Lapid Stunts

October 1, 2011 by  

Before Senator Lito Lapid entered politik, he’s one of the most bankable action stars in the Philippines. Back in the day, he refused to get stunts double and that earned him the title of “King of Stunts.”

Here are my 5 favorite Lito Lapid career stunts.

  1. During fistfight, he’ll punch his foe with, like 20 right hooks, consecutive.
  2. Again, fistfight. Almost always they’ll end up fighting near a tree. Somehow the goon’s face will end up in between tree branches. Lito Lapid will precisely hit him in the face, right between the branches.
  3. While riding a horse, chasing 2 running bad guys… off the horse, he’ll be able to catch the two by leapfrogging off the horse, arms wide open. Gotcha. Requirement: Slo mo.
  4. Shooting a relvolver handgun, fanning the gun hammer, on his knees and while sliding on the floor. And killing 68 people! Bang, bang, bang.
  5. Running for Congress.

Actually I can go on and list at least 20 but hey, the video below showed most of Lito Lapid’s kickass moves. Damn, he can split a bullet using his dagger!

This post was inspired by this tweet.

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