Tweet Dreams

November 27, 2011 by  

joey de leon

Few days back, Joey de Leon was trending on twitter (updated, he’s now trending worldwide). Brought about by his appearance on Kris talk show. Joey’s trending kinda reminded me to do this post… an idea long been at the back of my head.

I’d like to list some personalities who I hope will be taking on Twitterverse soon.

1. First up, yes The Joey Deleon. Long time pop idol, I’d like to hear Starzan’s S/Os on Twitter.

Possible tweet:

ako’y sumali at ngayo’y mag-twi-tweet, at ang una kong hirit, si allan ay kuwela, talagang pang-eat.

2. Yeng Guiao. Who wouldn’t want to hear from Yeng Guiao every after loss (they’re in a 3-game losing skid BTW). You see, only the winning coach gets to be interviewed after the game. So, it will be nice to get inside Yeng’s shaved head after getting L.

Possible tweet:

^%%@# **%!)) Reperi!

3. Phil Jackson. Hey, the guy is retired with not much to do in Montana. He better be on twitter and say whats in his mind time to time about Buddhism, Basketball and Buss (Jenny).

Possible tweets:

If the San Antonio Spurs win it all this shortened season, they’ll have two rings with asterisks.

Hey Dolan, hook me up in NY.

You’re one hot Laker girl indeed. Yes, you.

4. Kobe Bryant. He was in, then he was out. The Mamba was on twitter and gained over 36,000 followers in just 3 hours. It will be just a matter of time and he’ll be back. With new shoes perhaps or a new brand to endorse, he’ll need to be back on Twitter.

Possible Tweets:

Can you hear me now?!?!” AGAIN!?!?

Damn, Pau is really soft!

imma ice my elbow again, i took 45 shots tonight!

I miss you Phil! XOXO

5. Ryan Gregorio. If there’s one guy in the PBA that’s perfect for twitter, it’s coach Ryan Gregorio. He got bagful of motivational quotes and inspirational messages that will put @thenoteboook to shame.

Possible Tweets:

Just win one game a time now.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Never underestimate the heart of a champion. Ooooops.

6. And finally, my fantasy Twitter Dream, Francis Magalona. One of the very first celebs who embraced social networking sites to connect to his fans/followers (mainly via the non-shopping-site version of, he could have been one heck of Twitter user. Releases of his t-shirts, collaborations, music, photography stuff, etc. Oh, I miss the guy.

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