Donald Sloan on playing in the Philippines and for Ginebra

April 10, 2012 by  

One nice post by Joe Gabriele has this Donald Sloan bits about playing in the Philippines, and for Ginebra.


The food in the Philippines was pretty good. I tried some Filipino dishes and they were very tasteful. I’m very close-minded, so it surprised me that I tried it – and I liked it. The team fed us after practice. It was beef and rice, pork and rice, made differently each time. Chicken. It was all good.

Fans in the Philippines are passionate, and they take great pride in their teams. I played with the Ginebra Kings. It’s spelled “Ginebra” but it’s pronounced “En-EB-ra.” And when I first got over there I kept telling everybody I played with the Ginebra Kings and they’d say, ‘Enebra’? And compared to over here, they would be like their Lakers-type team. That was the team. So the fanbase was pretty crazy. It was quite an experience.


It’s nice to read stuff like this from former PBA imports having great things to say about their stay in the Philippines, the life, the food, the culture and people. BTW, it’s more fun in the Philippines!


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