Vroman or Alexander?

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If there’s one good thing about the elimination of Ginebra, it’s the fact that I will never see the black hole that’s Jackson Vroman. I don’t usually hate players but I would like to hate the Ginebra management for sending Chris Alexander away because this guy was hard to watch. Bowles proved too dominant for Vroman and with Mark Caguioa gone, the former NBA player showed a lot of his weaknesses.

Chris Alexander said in Twitter that it sucked to see his team down.

I still think he should be the Ginebra import.

Mico Halili was too safe in his analysis and I don’t blame him because he should be impartial.

However, I am not.

You can’t expect Denzel Bowles to have consecutive 11-point outputs. However, the fans are so used to Vroman having mediocre offensive nights. When the 22-year-old B-Meg Llamados import finished with 34 points and 14 rebounds, Vroman ended up having 14 points and 7 rebounds. Just when everyone thought that Vroman will finally break out, he didn’t. We know he misses free throws on a constant basis and I know he is easily rattled when the double team comes into his way, but throwing a bunch of useless fouls and making his team look bad is something new to me.

Oh wait, Vroman made his teammates look bad in all of their semifinal losses.

Plus he has some sort of a temper.

I am sorry for Jackson Vroman for whatever I’m saying here. It’s just that I watched Game Four thinking that Ginebra will contend for a do-or-die game. Instead, I was treated to a one-sided match where the Kings started strong and finished weak. His last foul really pissed me off because it was as if he wasn’t thinking. Actually, the offensive foul he scored against Bowles before his sixth foul could have gone either way.

The foul where he hugged the hell out of Marc Pingris after the latter beat him on the rebound play was one of five frustration fouls – three of those were unnecessary and could have been done without.

But maybe it isn’t Vroman’s fault entirely. Vroman is one big factor in a lot of.

I think Ginebra lost because they have zero chemistry. They also lost because I thought Ginebra traded away the core of their offense – which is their slashers. I think Siot Tanquingcen wasted a lot of his stars.

I am going to do a separate article with regards to this.

Alexander is a regular 20-20 player. In his three games with the Kings, Alexander averaged 14.0ppg, 20.3rpg, 2.3apg, and 1.7bpg. While management can easily say that Alexander struggled in his points, Alexander was working well with the locals. Mark Caguioa then was scoring almost 20 points and almost 10 rebounds and Kerby Raymundo were rising up to the challenge.

But the NBA and FIBA veteran was an intriguing prospect. He has height and he can crash the boards. More than anything, Vroman was ready to play unlike Alexander who has yet to get into his groove.

However, one of the main reasons why Ginebra lost in the series is that Vroman failed to bail the Kings out of the terror that is Denzel Bowles.

Like I said, I apologize to Jackson Vroman for writing this way but with the way he played that game, I wish the Kings stuck with Chris Alexander.

Game over.

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