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With the first six names in the list already gone, will the PBA choose a Best Player outside the finals?

The list is back and I think you missed this. This is MY 2011 PBA Commissioner’s Cup Power Rankings. It is B-Meg’s turn to destroy the dynasty… although I think Talk N Text is already a dynasty with the way their last five conferences has been.

So let’s check out the names in our OUTSIDE LOOKING IN list.

25 – Danny Seigle / Barako Bull
24 – Larry Fonacier / Talk N Text
23 – JV Casio / Powerade
22 – Ronald Tubid / Barako Bull
21 – Marc Pingris / B-Meg
20 – Jared Dillinger / Talk N Text
19 – Joe Devance / B-Meg
18 – Sonny Thoss / Alaska
17 – Kelly Williams / Talk N Text
16 – Alex Cabagnot / Petron
15 – Ranidel De Ocampo / Talk N Text
14 – Peter June Simon / B-Meg
13 – Mark Caguioa / Ginebra
12 – Jimmy Alapag / Talk N Text
11 – Cyrus Baguio / Alaska

Four Tropang Texters, two Llamados, and two Aces littered this list. Some of these Texters and Llamados would likely move to the Top Ten because they are still around to pad their stats. Mark Caguioa drops down from the list after missing Ginebra’s final four games. Alex Cabagnot’s superior stats were enough for him to cling to that position although most of the Top Ten players have already joined him in vacation.


10 – Chris Ross / Meralco
Stats: 7.6ppg • 4.4rpg • 7.8apg • 1.8spg
Why he won’t win: I’ll rather give the BPC to Cardona. Ross did well this conference but his amazing exploits is only good for an all-star selection.

9 – Jayson Castro / Talk N Text*
Stats: 14.7ppg • 2.8rpg • 3.5apg • 1.0spg (as of presstime)
Why he won’t win: I think he can win actually. Castro has been the team’s most consistent scorer with most of his teammates either in sickbay or in the doghouse. The Blur will likely claim the spotlight against the Llamados with either James Yap or Peter June Simon shadowing him.

8 – Mike Cortez / Ginebra
Stats: 11.4ppg • 5.1rpg • 5.4apg • 1.1
Why he won’t win: The Cool Cat claimed his first triple double in his career and he was able to lift the Kings past the injuries of Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand. His accomplishments weren’t enough though to catapult himself near the award.

7 – James Yap / B-Meg
Stats: 13.4ppg • 3.7rpg • 2.6apg
Why he won’t win: All of a sudden, Yap will be one of the default choices to win the plum because of B-Meg’s involvement in the finals. However, this is one of his weakest offensive conferences. Perhaps he can make heads turn by unleashing a last minute campaign for the Best Player plum.

6 – Willie Miller / Barako Bull*
Stats: 15.4ppg • 4.3rpg • 3.9apg (as of presstime)
Why he won’t win: Close but no cigar for The Thriller after losing to Talk N Text. With that said, Miller is a threat to win the BPC because he did dominate his team in the eliminations. He looked like a second option scorer though when Danny Seigle caught fire in the playoffs.

5 – Arwind Santos / Petron
Stats: 13.3ppg • 11.1rpg • 1.3apg • 0.9spg • 1.8bpg
Why he won’t win: As much as Arwind dominated the stats, it’s hard to place his name on the list given how he barely got his shots when Nick Fazekas was around and with the way the Blaze Boosters got eliminated for the second straight time this conference was held.

4 – Macmac Cardona / Meralco
Stats: 17.8ppg • 6.8rpg • 2.6apg
Why he won’t win: Like Miller, Captain Hook is a threat to win. But after a great first game against B-Meg, Cardona was barely a factor. Cardona’s four points in two games is not awesome by any means. While some argue that this is not his fault, Meralco still lost in the quarterfinals.

3 – LA Tenorio / Alaska
Stats: 15.3ppg • 5.0rpg • 5.6apg • 1.1spg
Why he won’t win: Same as Miller and Cardona, The Lieutenant failed to help his Aces advance to the semis and this will greatly hurt his chances.

2 – Marcio Lassiter / Powerade
Stats: 17.7ppg • 5.9rpg • 3.6apg • 1.3spg • 0.9bpg
Why he won’t win: Aside from the fact that Powerade was already eliminated before the quarterfinal staging, his chance to win the plum is being cockblocked by teammate Gary David.

1 – Gary David / Powerade
Stats: 27.1ppg • 3.4rpg • 1.9apg
Why he will win: Gary David is having a stellar season. There is no local in the current PBA setup that can shoot the ball and command his presence like what David is doing. Not since Nelson Asaytono during pre-Danny Ildefonso and Danny Seigle San Miguel have we ever seen such a prolific scorer.

However, he will not win the Best Player of the Conference Award because of how Powerade’s conference turned out. As much as it pains me, David and his team blew a lot of games that could have been outright entries to the next round and it just so happens that Cardona and his Bolts could these guys napping.

If they won that game, then David could have seen action in the semis.

But he didn’t.

So who will win the Best Player of the Conference?


Aside from the stats, we have to factor in the media votes and looking from their perspective, Castro has had a better season than James Yap. B-Meg will have the Best Import Award because of Denzel Bowles’ dominance which is why James Yap won’t win the plum. Donnell Harvey despite being an impressive import is not a go-to-guy. I am not saying that Castro is TNT’s main man because now he isn’t (Ranidel De Ocampo churned awesome numbers in TNT’s wins) but during the first round, he is. But don’t count out James Yap also because if Harvey isn’t Castro’s statistical enemy in TNT, then it could be one of Jimmy Alapag, Ranidel De Ocampo, or Kelly Williams. Talk N Text finished off the Barako Bull Energy without Harvey with four minutes remaining.

And then there’s the question of getting individual accolades versus a chance to do another grand slam attempt.

So my predicting power will again be put to the test.

Will I get the right answer?

Game over!

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