Chot Reyes destroys a white board but B-Meg still wins

April 23, 2012 by  

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Why is it that when you see Chot Reyes in front of the camera there are a bunch of unfilled seats in his sides?

This was because he was seething in their bench. I don’t know if it’s the burning heat or someone told Coach Chot that the red and yellow polo shirt design he was wearing looked like a messed up bout with ketchup and mustard… but he was extra angry during that game.

For a team that’s so used in playing in the finals, they were visibly off in almost all levels.

Poor white board… what did you do wrong?

Here were the happenings that brought B-Meg Llamados the 88 to 82 win over the defending champions Talk N Text Tropang Texters in Game One of their Best-of-7 Finals tilt.

Harvey has an isolation play?
Why the hell is Donnell Harvey doing an ISO? And why the hell does his ISO involves him with his back against the basket and then throwing up a turn around fade away shot? He should take the ball strong to the hoop! Harvey is destroying TNT’s offense because the game slows down and it leaves the TNT players just standing around. But maybe there’s a reason behind his madness?

Also, I forgot the player who gave Harvey the ball at the three-point line but it’s like giving a damaged condom to a horny teenager. Chot Reyes looked soooo disappointed when Harvey took that shot.

The Tropa sucks right now
I think B-Meg took a page from Barako Bull’s playbook. While B-Meg never really did anything physical (except perhaps for Tim Cone laying waste on an unsuspecting chair), they did frustrate the Tropang Texters and it showed especially during the first and fourth quarters. Harvey led the team with 25 points but after Jimmy Alapag’s 12 and Ryan Reyes’ 10, no TNT local scored 9 points and more. Larry Fonacier dealt eight, Kelly Williams had six, Jared Dillinger, Jayson Castro, and Ranidel De Ocampo were good for five, and Harvey Carey and Ali Peek combined for 16 minutes. Like I said, it’s like Barako Bull all over again.

Free throws
What happens when you blow 20 free throws and you still win? That’s what they a miracle. Unfortunately for the Tropang Texters, that 16-out-of-36 hole was enough to send TNT to the Game One loss. The Llamados were no Allan Caidics either but their 11-of-23 shooting was enough to capture a victory. I’m not a betting man but I swear, Chot Reyes will pound this stat to his team’s face.

Monster Bowles
This is the difference between Denzel Bowles and Harvey. Harvey disrupts the harmony by settling for bank shots while B-Meg craves for Bowles’ one man uprising. Every time Bowles manifests his presence with a dunk or a rebound and putback, a bunch of B-Meg fans pee their selves a little. Sure they both scored 25 points and Harvey could have done slightly more (Bowles also had seven turnovers) but when the game is on the line, Bowles finished off the Tropang Texters.

Simon and the followers
And there’s Peter June Simon. Just when you thought the Tropang Texters have regained their usual devastating form, the Scoring Apostle did the unthinkable to pour in TNT’s run. Joe Devance and Marc Pingris had eleven points each, James Yap poured in nine and Rafi Reavis came through with 12 rebounds in 12 minutes.

B-Meg is not off the hook. Aside from their lousy free throws, they need to have a consistent scoring at their point guard spot. Also, they have to check out how the Tropang Texters will exalt their revenge in the second game. Jayson Castro only had five points and I doubt if he’ll do less in the next outing and just like the Barako Bull series, Ranidel De Ocampo is the team’s barometer.

Finally, James Yap’s offense has yet to rear its ugly head. When Yap combines with Simon and Bowles, TNT should get wary. Otherwise, B-Meg needs to get prepare at the aftereffects of the massive scolding and name calling Chot Reyes gave to his wards.

Game over.

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