Mayweather wins against Cotto

May 6, 2012 by  

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I got glued in this fight. I’m not supposed to… because I watch boxing for only the top Filipino fighters but this welterweight battle is just that good.


My bad.

Super welterweight.

As if it matters.

This is also for the WBA super welterweight title.

Again… as if that matters.

Cinco De Mayo’s most anticipated matchup revolved around the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto. Inasmuch did Cotto made this match entertaining, Mayweather is just dominant. It’s hard to see how Mayweather can dominate this match because he usually gets stuck on a corner and then lets Cotto wield his fists. Floyd even had his nose bloodied by one of Cotto’s strikes. Especially in the sixth and eighth round – and in some ways in the eleventh round – Cotto was more of the aggressor.

But Mayweather had a game plan.

Money was right on the money on his super counterpunching attributes. Mayweather may be a douche outside the ring but he can be a pretty indestructible fighter when he’s in game mode. While Mayweather turns turtle and gets cornered at times, he also uses this “bad ploy” to give his enemies a false sense of hope. This is not like what Joshua Clottey did to Pacquiao where Clottey threw little and made no attempt to win the match. Numerous times we can see Cotto’s head pop out when Mayweather delivers his sneaky punches.

And his most perverse weapon would have to be that wicked array of deep upper cuts that Cotto can’t answer because once he does Mayweather will resort back to his extremely accurate counterpunching.

And that can’t be good for Cotto.

Cotto was the fans’ toast because he was making a match from the battle. The fans were chanting Cotto’s name throughout the match and were shocked to hear that Mayweather won. The match could have gone either way if only he staggered Mayweather. Except for the lumps, Cotto never really had much damage but he never really gave Mayweather a reason to get desperate.

Nonetheless Manny Pacquiao should see what he’s up against if and when the fight will happen. Cotto’s offense was spot-on but it lacked power. If Cotto did enough to piss off Mayweather, Floyd erupts and his counterpunching becomes seriously insane. Pacquiao has power and he’ll likely give it to Mayweather but he has to make educated decisions spontaneously because Mayweather is a very, very smart opponent.

In the end, I thought Cotto will rob Pacquiao a chance to give Mayweather his first loss but it was for naught. Mayweather continued his no-loss 43-game winning streak and with his upcoming nine-month jail time, time is running out on whether or not a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight will have its bearing. But unlike past events, Mayweather had to work his ass off to subdue Cotto. As seen in Cotto’s post-match reaction, he wanted to Mayweather’s first loss and he was pissed as hell for not getting it.

I enjoyed this match though.

Game over.

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