Rookie Rankings: Just because Number One is a lock…

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the second week of the 2013 PBA Commissioner’s Cup Rookie Rankings. Last week we saw Calvin Abueva ranking first followed by a shocker in San Mig Coffee’s Alex Mallari. With two weeks in the conference, let’s see how the marquee neophytes go their selves in the list.

Game starts now!

10 – Jason Deutchman / GlobalPort
Pinoy Brook Lopez has some sort of rise this week but to compare his game from last conference is just sad. Deutchman in three games average just a point and 2.3rpg.

9 – Chris Tiu / Rain or Shine
If you think about it, most of the Rain or Shine players aren’t dishing big numbers despite averaging 86 points per game. With that said Tiu is not doing any better with 2.5ppg, 2rpg, and 1spg.

8 – Yousef Taha / Ginebra
The former Mapuan is averaging just ten minutes but at least he is giving good value with 3ppg, 3.5rpg, 0.5apg, and 0.5bpg. Now let’s move on to his fellow Gin rookie.

7 – Chris Ellis / Ginebra
Doubling the minutes of Taha, Ellis is still the spot monkey rookie that needs to improve soon. Despite his 21 minutes, he’s not helping Ginebra’s woes with his 3.0ppg, 3.7rpg, and 1.0apg.

6 – AJ Mandani / GlobalPort
After two games of inactivity, Mandani returned to the Port Masters (homage for their old Harbour Centre moniker) to help give the team the win with 6 points and 3 assists in 15 minutes.

5 – Cliff Hodge / Meralco
The Cliffhanger is a shell of his former Philippine Cup self. While he’s still fifth in playing time log, Hodge is barely getting 20 minutes. Cliff is delivering 3.3ppg, 4.7rpg, and 0.7bpg for the Bolts.

4 – Alex Mallari / San Mig Coffee
With the way Mallari is getting the media nod as the guy “expected” to be the long-haired version of Gabe Norwood, he needs to find a way to make himself valuable for the Mixers. With San Mig Coffee stuck in a rut, he needs to bolster his 3.0ppg, 5.5rpg, and 3.0apg.

3 – Junmar Fajardo / Petron
Now after two so-so games, Fajardo “Krakened Up” against the Kings to unleash 18 points and 7 rebounds in 21 minutes. His minutes might still suck given his talent but this game was enough to raise his total outputs to 10.3ppg, 6.0rpg, and 0.7bpg.

2 – Vic Manuel / Meralco
Moving up a notch from last week is The Muscle. It seems like Manuel is thriving at the SF spot although he still needs to insert some consistency on his production. He’s currently tied for first among rookies in points with 10.7ppg to go along with 5.0rpg and 1.0apg.

1 – Calvin Abueva / Alaska
Despite not being his normal stat-hounding self when it comes to points, Abueva is still the odds-on favorite to be the top rookie of this conference (and it’s safe to say as well as this season from the way things are looking). The Beast is averaging double-doubles in points and rebounds to the tune of 10.7ppg, 10rpg, and as well as 1.7apg in just 22 minutes of action.

No change at number one this week for as long as Abueva gets the relevance and the reverence, there is no way he’ll get moved out of that spot. Missing this week’s grade are Alaska newcomer Aldrech Ramos and San Mig Coffee new addition Lester Alvarez. These two join Alaska’s Raphy Reyes, Meralco’s Kelly Nabong, and Ginebra’s Keith Jensen as part as the “almost” Top Ten guys.

How will next week unfold for the rookies?

Will Barako Bull finally use their abundant stock of rookies?

Game over.

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