Spurs Going (Danny) Green

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Green’s early days in the NBA wasn’t as smooth as his 3-point shot. After only a season, he was cut by James’ old team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. He landed in San Antonio via the Danny Ferry connection but he didn’t click right away. He bounced in and out of Spurs lineup, to and from the NBA-DL, and each time it humbled him and made him work harder. But by 2011, through hard work, “higher power” and Popovich’s guidance, he was a “spurmanent” player. For a guy being cut by the Cavs and sent in and out of the D-league many times over, he has a good situation in San Antonio – one win away from getting a ring and with a possible NBA Finals MVP plum. RECYCLE.

Also, see REUSE & REDUCE.

Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs Game 4 Tweetcast, EV

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I just did a LeBron, I went over 30 points, err, tweets in a game first time this finals. And when I go 20+ tweets a game and I am doing a tweetcast post EV, extended version. I did not embed the tweets coz this is easier to read. The tweets are in black.

13 Jun 

3 keys… Rick Fox – Turnover by Spurs. Steve Smith: Lebron James mindset. Barkley: Parker’s hamstring.

Three keys for game 4 coming from 3 analysts. So it looks like Steve Smith’s LeBron James’ approach to the game and Rick Fox’s turnover count for the Spurs were the gamechangers. LeBron scored over 20 points first time in the series and made an effort to really attack inside and as often as possible, shoot short-range Js. Also Spurs had twice Miami’s TOs.

13 Jun

So far, Leonard is Spurs MVP. Ginobili is due for a big game.

More on Manu Ginobili later.

13 Jun

Dunno about the Miller first five insertion… Game 3, Spurs started the game by giving Duncan the ball, it opened up the offense quick.

13 Jun

Tiago Cullen guarding Wade. Draws foul and hits 2FTs. Pop with quick adjustment taking out Cullen. So it’s Spurs who adjusted to Spo’s move.

In case you still don’t know, Tiago Splitter is really Edward Cullen on super-steroids.

13 Jun

Uh-oh, Green first 3 is money. Hes drilled 8 of his last 3pt shot attempts.

On an ordinary day, Green’s 10-4-4 is right about the expected production.  In fact, he shot 60% from three that Game 4.  But coming from that Game 3 explosion, he had “sub” game. Also, a couple of times he did penetrations and launched forced shots inside.

13 Jun

yikes, parker getting to his spots, spurs hitting 3s, long night.

It turned out to be a long night, but the other way around. First time in the series that collectively, the Big 3 came out to play, and when that happens, it’s devastating. Heat, impossible to beat.

Our friend says Tiago is Edward but more of…

13 Jun

heat ties game at 19. 8 straight by heat. 2fgs by lebron fastbreak’s rim attacks.

13 Jun

Where can I buy HAMSTRING (injury).

13 Jun

Some Battier-Manu action there. Like match given by the Gods of Flops.

13 Jun

Mia 29 – Spurs 26. The longest first quarter of the series. Spurs owned first few minutes. Miami Big 2 gets the engine going to take lead.

13 Jun

Tiago has had his shot blocked couple of times. Maybe he should start doing some fakes eh?

It is no longer a secret, Tiago Splitter, er, Cullen is very much blockable. He’s been blocked by LeBron (epic), Allen, Battier, Wade, eat all, I mean Et Al. Cmon Tiago do lil Brazillian shake & fakes out there.

13 Jun

Assistant Coach Parker doing the Spurs huddle.

Future Coach Jason Kidd right there.

13 Jun

May twitter account ba si Tiago Splitter? I want to block him on twitter

13 Jun

So far, no lazy 3 point attempts from Lebron. Only 2 15-footer shots (both makes btw,) Most shots are inside. LeBron got the memo.

13 Jun

Here we go, classes resume! Some free FLOP-lessons!

A tweet reaction to Bosh’s Finals’ most fantastic flop.

13 Jun

Friggin Bosh, little nudge from Tim Duncan and he went away flying. #flop #supermaneffect #manofsteal

13 Jun

Doctor T, slicing Heat defense.

13 Jun

Same with game 3 first half finish, Spurs finishing strong.

13 Jun

I wanna see the slomo of Boris Diaw fastbreak layup. That would be super slow mo slow mo.

13 Jun

Just in. I’m told Bosh’s wife was so embarrassed by the flop, she drove to NBA office and personally gave the 5000$ penalty to NBA.

Officially, Chris Bosh was fined $5000 by the NBA for that ridiculous fly-flop.

13 Jun

Bosh putting up a game for all ages. Triassic period included.

13 Jun

Those Manu Ginobili jump passes gonna give Pop heart attack.

13 Jun

30, 6 an 3 still more than half a quarter to go. The way of Wade.

“Way of Wade.” This was ESPN headline title minutes after the game. You are welcome ESPN.

13 Jun

What confidence Pop has in Manu. He’s been out of it. Missing all his 3s and doing dangerous passes. Gotta sit the Argentine.

13 Jun

#SaSobrangSamaNgLaroNiManu Mauuna pang makalbo si Pop kay Manu.

At this point, at least to me, Manu is the missing link or he’s sinking the Spurs boat. Marc Stein later had this report… Manu Ginobili surprised by struggles

13 Jun

Can’t beat Miami Heat if the Big 3 has 80 to 90 points combined. That’s almost whole team output.

13 Jun

NBA should give statsheet to Spurs with asterisk below. *Manu, with the crazy passes and surprised threes, this is on you.

13 Jun

Lebron creaming Spurs with a 3 (109-93 F). But before that he looked at the refs complaining Spurs hit his headband.

13 Jun

Big Game Wade.


said that this finals is difficult to predict. need to see game 1 before we can see things. we’ve seen 4 games and it’s still difficult to.

Game 5 is on monday, I think we need full 5 games before we can predict the winner! LOL. Please follow our twitter account and join our live tweetcasting… http://twitter.com/hooph


Coach Kidd

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Coach Jason Kidd sounds good to me.

This should work. He has good history with the franchise (sending the New Jersey Nets to the finals two times (2002-2003), great feel and understanding of the game and he is a born leader. It also helps that Deron Williams is Jason Kidd’s buddy.

The report is, if this happens, the Nets will give Kidd the best coaching support that he’ll need. And I call this support group, “XOXO assistance.” Frontrunner as top assistant is Kidd’s former coach, Lawrence Frank.

But if the New Jersey Nets is to hire Jason Kidd, why not do the whole enchilada, make him a player coach. Under right circumstances, he can contribute and help the team. I will go even further and say that he can absolutely give quality 8-12 minutes if healthy. Last season, CJ Watson logged 7-2-2 in 20 minutes PT, I am not KIDDing, Jason Kidd can produce that no. still.

In terms of marketing gimmick, Coach Jason Kidd also looks good to me.

Ginebra trades for Japeth Aguilar

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a. Barako Bull – acquired the rights to Elmer Espiritu
b. Barangay Ginebra – acquired the rights to Barako’s 2013 1st Round Pick (from Talk N’ Text)

a. Globalport – acquired the rights to Barako’s 2013 1st Round Pick (from Talk N’ Text) and Yousef Taha
b. Barangay Ginebra – acquired the rights to Japeth Aguilar

a. Petron – acquired the rights to Jason Deutchman and Globalport’s 2016 and 2017 2nd Round Picks
b. Globalport – acquired the rights to Jay Washingto

In summary, Barako is getting high flyer Elmer Espiritu. Petron was able to unload Jaywash and gets good package in return. They now have Jason Deutchman and Globalport’s 2016 and 2017 2nd Rd Picks. Globalport getting Jay Washington, Yousef Taha and Barako’s 2013 1st Rd Pick (from Talk N’ Text), now that is a good haul. Ginebra has been looking for big man for quite a while now, they got their wish (this is long time coming) by getting Japeth Aguilar. Another fresh start for Japeth Aguilar, his 3rd “fresh” start I believe.


Kenny Smith as Sacramento Kings GM?

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Kenny Smith, without a doubt, is more than qualified to do GM-ing/coaching. Among the TV guys with no experience in front office job and/or coaching, he’s up there in the list (another guy with potential is Brent Barry, in 2 years or earlier, that guy will land coaching/managing job).  Always checking on The Jet’s views and insights of the game and NBA happenings. He rarely gets carried away and thinks before he speaks (unlike the guy next to him). Kenny Smith has been due for years but his sometime comic gig on TNT turns off teams. We’ll see how this talk with Sacramento Kings owner develops.


The NBA Finals, when Legacies are at stake

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Duncan is in the way (quite literally, see game 1) of LeBron James’ desire and NEED to win another title. The greatest of all time (GOAT) chatter gains steam if he wins this series. Only 28 years old, having one championship under his belt, four MVP plums, first team selections, countless records and great individual stats, James has done a lot in 10 years. Fan or not, appreciate the great. But to be on the next level, to remain in the greatest of all time discussions, he needs a lot of work. Ring No. 2 is a must.

A lot is riding on this one for James. A 1/3 finalist, he can’t afford to go 1-of-4 in his NBA finals appearances. More so, he can’t get swept. For James, lose and he’ll set himself up for more work in the coming years. Win and let’s continue to talk about his GOAT-ness.

Please read complete post here.


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To celebrate the launch of the new Chelsea FC home shirt for the 2013/14 season, adidas has launched a bold new campaign – ‘It’s Blue, What Else Matters’ encouraging Chelsea fans across the globe to go ‘all in’ and buy the new 2013/14 home kit before seeing it.

To mark the occasion, adidas has created a hero film featuring some of Chelsea’s biggest stars and iconic imagery that will adorn the club for the forthcoming season. The artwork and film illustrate the commitment and the lengths that the players will go for the club.

The imagery is the centerpiece of the adidas marketing campaign based on the belief that Chelsea is not just a football club, not just a team, but something deeper and emotional.

adidas spokesperson said “The campaign was created based on the insight that Chelsea can clearly own ‘blue’ as a colour. Not only do they sing about it, but they are the only club in the English Premier League that call themselves ‘The Blues’. Seeing the players take part and show their commitment to the colour and the lengths that they will go to will inspire the fans and show the club as they have never been seen before”

The 1.5 min viral film that has been created for the campaign features Juan Mata, David Luiz, Gary Cahill and club captain John Terry. It starts with the journey of a single drop of blue liquid dominating the screen before cutting to a locker bleeding adidas’ iconic three stripes of blue liquid from its vent. The anticipation builds when you see Terry’s feet being covered in blue and builds intrigue as a suspended barrel of the blue starts to slowly pour creating a wall of paint. As the music drops and the speed picks up, the film cuts to John Terry, Juan Mata and Gary Cahill, bear chested, sizing up the blue liquid in front of them. John Terry is then pictured, falling back into a pool of the blue liquid, a scene that had to be shot in one take. The locker that was bleeding the three stripes suddenly explodes over Juan Mata, who does not flinch such is his commitment to being blue. Gary Cahill walks through the wall of paint in a dramatic scene before the climax of the film, which showcases David Luiz, unrecognizable, but truly iconic as he bursts out of a vat of blue from where he was submerged.

Each player spent two hours on set to create this epic piece of film and imagery showcasing their passion, love and commitment to the club.

David Luiz, “I have really enjoyed being part of this day, I would do anything for this club and to show my passion for being a Blue means everything to me”

Juan Mata ‘The blue is to belong to this club, as a player and a supporter’.

Petr Cech ‘I can say that painted in blue, It shows how blue I can be, Chelsea is a huge part of my life and Chelsea Football Club has become like my second family’.

The campaign was launched last April 5 and Chelsea fans will be able to explore the imagery throughout Stamford Bridge as Chelsea take on Sunderland.

To view the film visit: http://youtu.be/m9kAH2v9200

My Shoe Story, True Story

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My Shoe Story, True Story


I love basketball.

There was a time when basketball was my life. I played basketball like eight hours a day. From here on, call me THE MACHINE!

Unknown to many – there were circumstances and reasons, financial crunch is one – I stopped college schooling for a year. One summer, I went back home and rode the loneliest 2-hour bus drive ever.

In the year I was a bona fide out of school youth and stayed home, basketball was my salvation.

In the morning, I did hundreds and hundreds of shots. I kept on playing ’til sun’s burning hot. And pre-internet days, no iPad, no DVD, no cable TV, no nothing, as early as 3pm, I was back, shooting again.

Lemme mention that, for optimum performance, I ate my snacks first. My daily afternoon vitamins was a combo of richee-rich (or cream-o) and water.

At around 3pm, kids were in school, so I played alone. I had to wait some 2 hours before I get to play with some dudes (#ruralvillageproblems). Damn, this is a sad story. Wait til you hear this…

At one point, because I played hoops mula sa morning – hanggang sa evening, almost all day (sometimes after dinner too), my trusted slip-ons wasn’t able to take the abuse.  For the sake of this story, let’s name this tsinelas, “RAMBO.”

Part of Rambo’s sole were consumed and gone. The strap part, I had to put GI-wires (alambre) for it not to pop out. I dunno but I can’t seem to get a tsinelas replacement those days.

So I played with the busted slip-ons for a couple of days. Feet bruised and skinned out but I kept on playing and playing and playing and playing. Did I mention I love basketball? Our village court had this road concrete pavement. Rough, sharp, edgy. Close your eyes, imagine that.

Finally no masterful engineering feat could save my Rambo. One afternoon I shouted in despair. No tsinelas and it’s Christmas time! And, without tsinelas, I can’t play basketball! You know the scene when Tom Hanks shouted “Wilson” on Cast Away? That’s basically what I did that day… RAMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I am a MacGyver disciple, I see things, I see solution. I see dead shoes. I saw a basketball shoe.

One afternoon, I saw a pair of discarded black running shoes in the storage room, toe cap is pointed and long, a BIG SIZED one, (could be 3 size larger than my size), and no brand. It’s like running shoes slash kung-fu shoes.

Anyway, I am somewhat a painter. So I looked for a white paint and painted the shoes. I put on the Nike Sus! I mean SWOOOSH! Let’s call the shoes
“NIKE HYPER LOL.”  And there you go, an hour later, I was rocking kickass shoes with 2 pairs of socks, both folded at ends.

And of course, the gang made fun of my shoes. Ughhhh, I want to cry now but I can’t. They’re right, my shoes looked stupid. It deserved the mockery. But two things… they can’t guard me wearing that “Nike Hyper LOL” and that’s an upgrade over the tsinelas, so I am good.

Speaking of, there’s good news too in this story.

Things happen for a reason. Me stopping schooling for a year made me realize, no school aint cool. The following year, I was back in school and pounding the calculator and finding “X”. Hence on I valued my studies and all the wonderful things that came with it. And the year I was a legit out of school youth, I believe I improved my basketball skills, it made me an above average basketball player (or so I believe.)

To cut the story short, like a ball, I was able to bounce and rebound in my, then, young life. I finished school, passed some kind of an exam, found a job, then later started a business.

Fastbreak 15 or so years, walah, I AM NOT RICH, but I am able to buy basketball shoes that I like. I have LeBron, Kobe and DRose Shoes but sadly, I am not able to really use ‘em. Priorities, my schedule and my abdominal muscle injury prevent me from playing basketball.

I wrote a poem (oh now wait, I am a poet now?) years ago and it had a line “new shoes can’t take away the blues” and to me, that still very much true. Looking back at things, maybe it’s time to add a new line… “it’s hoops, it can take away the blues.”

Not playing hoops is by far, the greatest frustration of my life. I love these latest shoes but sometimes, even for a day, I wish I could trade my Kobe shoes for that Nike Hyper LOL shoes and be able to play again for one whole day.

This is my shoe story, a true story.

13 basketball facts, as tweeted, Pinoy style

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These are my tweets. Just making a post out of it. Edited for clarity…

  1. Mas magaling mag-basketball ang batang nagsimula sa maliliit na bola kesa sa mga 5 Y/O, na pinalaro agad sa official ball.
  2. Mas masarap mag-basketball kesa manood ng basketball.
  3. Walang “I” sa “basketball”. Puwera na lang kung bisaya.
  4. Sa Pilipinas lang, ang mga reperi sa plaza/street basketball, eh kumukuha ng tong.
  5. Ang basketball ay ‘di lang pang matangkad at macho, pwede ding sa bading at unano. See rafeboogs’  Pacific Rim.
  6. Sa pilipinas madaling maging coach ng basketball sa barangay level. Bili ka lang jacket tapos paburda mo sa likod “COACH,” ayus na!
  7. Average height ng point guard sa larong kanto, 5-2
  8. Sa basketball, mahirap bantayan yung construction worker na naka inom ng lapad tas nakahubad #simalakasatmadulas
  9. Lusot lamang, pusta ng wala pera. Pag meron konting pera, ice tubig.
  10. Ang kasabihang “bilog ang bola,” pang-basketball lang yun. ‘Di yun applicable sa American football.
  11. Sa basketball, ang sakit na sobrang madribble ay tinatawag na #cabagnotism
  12. Walang congressman, gob, mayor sa Pilipinas ang di nagpatayo ng basketball court. As in wala. #votewisely
  13. Sa basketball, mahirap mag-manage ng isang team. Paano pa kung tatlo?!

McKinley Hill Football Field

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McKinley Football Field (Photo by Santi Araneta)

As per Santi Araneta, “McKinley Hill football field is complete! Home of the UFL!” I’m happy for UFL fans and football aficionados in general. Pitch looks lovely in the photo. Hoping that lots of seats are in place.  I just hope too that it is “putik” proof.


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