Checkout Lazada’s “Be the First to own iPhone 5” promo

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Name of Promotion:  Be the First to own iPhone 5



Promotion duration:  September 28, 2012 to October 5, 2012, raffle draw on October 6, 2012



–          Open to all registered users of Lazada of legal age, who are residing in the Philippines.  They must also have a Lazada account and corresponding account information such as the user’s first name, surname, e-mail address, gender and date of birth, his/her mailing address and his/her billing address.


How to Join:

–          For a minimum single purchase P 2,000 of the products available starting 12pm, September 28, 2012 to 11:59pm, October 5, 2012 entitles a customer to one (1) raffle stub.

–          A customer can qualify and get as many raffle tickets as he or she can provide single purchase of any of the items be done.  One (1) raffle ticket is equivalent to minimum purchase of P 2,000.



1 iPhone 5 will be given away


–          A qualifying customer gets a confirmation email that he or she is eligible for the raffle draw. The email shall also contain the raffle ticket number and the terms and conditions of the raffle draw.

–          The winners will be selected at random on October 6, 2012, 4PM, at the main office of Lazada Philippines.  The names of the entrants will be printed and folded, placed in a box, and a Lazada representative will pick the 2 winners, witnessed by a DTI representative.

–          The winners will be informed through phone call and registered mail. The prize will be delivered to the preferred address, or collected at the Lazada office.  If it’s the latter, the winner has 90 days from receipt of the registered mail to pick up the winning prize from Lazada.

–          Lazada employees and their relatives up to the 3rd degree consanguinity or affinity are excluded from participating in this promotion.




Terms and Conditions:

–          By joining this promo, a customer confirms that he or she has read and understood, and agree to the promo mechanics, including but not limited to its terms and conditions.

–          Cancelled orders before October 6, 2012 will automatically be disqualified from the raffle draw.

–          Prizes are not convertible to cash and non-transferrable.

–          In claiming the prize, the winner needs to present at least one valid ID and the receipt of the original purchased item. Lazada has the right to ask for another ID if deemed necessary.

–          In case of a winner’s representative claiming the prize, an authorization letter coming from the winner must be presented together with the winner’s valid ID and the receipt of the original purchased of the item and the representative’s valid ID. The winner’s signature in the ID and the authorization letter presented must be the same. The authorization letter must state the full name of the representative claiming the prize on his or her behalf.

–          Number of times a person may win:  A person can win only once.

*Disclosure: Just sharing’s cool “Be the First to own iPhone 5” promo. They are our friends and they sponsor some of  HooPh’s giveaways/freebies.

Kobe, Lebron and the rest of USA team, are they unbeatable?

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With Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant & LeBron James, is this US Basketball team unbeatable in the 2012 Olympics?

  • YES (81 votes)
  • NO (19 votes)


81 voted yes, they are unbeatable. So far, they are. In 2 won games (they blasted France and as expected, trashed Tunisia), the average winning margin is 37 points. This differential will go down as the competition heats up and top teams advance. After another “practice game” versus Nigeria, level of play goes up their last two preliminary games, Lithuania and Argentina. But I can’t see them losing a game in these games.  USA can survive off night by multiple players and we will see other stars and reserves picking up the slack. And besides, their mean defense doesn’t allow easy shots, 2nd chance attempts, etc. In other words, they are in complete control. Only super hot 3 point shooting by opposing team and super bad games from 4-5 USA players can result in a big upset. And, I can’t see that happening.


Game: Win Powerade Tumbler & Towel

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powerade towel & tumbler

Just Retweet This… Game! Win Powerade tumbler & towel RT this w/ ur ending guess BMEG-RoS Gm 2 (cutoff halftime). Free shipping.

Cutoff is halftime of Finals Game 2, B-MEG vs RoS.

Prize is a Powerade tumbler & towel combo. Next time we have contest, I’ll contact RoS and B-MEG marketing heads if they are willing to sponsor our game, I’ll ask for a liter of paint or a kilogram of feeds.

Can LeBron tie Michael Jordan and win 5 more rings?

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Can LeBron tie Michael Jordan and win 5 more rings?

  • NO (71%)
  • YES (29%)

Total Votes: 105

6 championships is one heck of a feat and is tough to duplicate. Ask Kobe.

So I voted “NO” too and I’ll be writing a full-post about this question/post and will give my estimate LeBron career ring count.

Factoring Dwayne Wade’s decline, Kevin Durant ascent, LeBron built/body, etc., I have him winning at least ___ more. More on this soon.

How bout you, when it is all said and done, how many total rings will LeBron win?

HooPh! on NBA Philippines

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Oh, just like to mention that I am writing stuff over at NBA Philippines website. Sydrified, Pio and Chrisangelo too.

It’s at For the latest NBA news and views, check it out.

Here are the posts links…

Just asking… do you really want to see a Pacquiao – Marquez IV?

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Just asking… do you really want to see a Pacquiao – Marquez IV?

NO (66%)
YES (34%)

Total Votes: 150


Ending Game: Win Esquire Magazine, MVP on cover

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Let’s do “ending game” again via twitter.

MVP Esquire

Just Retweet this… Ending game! Win Esquire Magazine, MVP issue. RT this w/ ur ending guess Petron-TNT Gm 7. Free shipping MM.

Cutoff is halftime of 2nd game, Petron vs TNT.

Also, this is the issue with FireQuinito’s Tim Cone special feature. So if you’re a fan of BMEG like FireQuinito (hehe), join please. Or simply, if you want one awesome mag, Esquire Magazine is one good read.

Again, here’s the link.

Giveaway: Pacific Rims Book

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pacific rims

Happy that the PBA games now are getting better and better as we wind down the elims/classification and happy that the NBA is back, so it’s to time for a giveaway.

Join our ending game and win this book, Pacific Rims: Beermen Ballin’ in Flip-Flops and the Philippines’ Unlikely Love Affair with Basketball by Paeng Bartolome.

Big game tomorrow, Petron Blaze Boosters vs Brgy Ginebra Kings, so let’s take that game.

RT THIS TWEET and win the book. Free shipping anywhere in the Philippines.If no exact ending guess, I’ll take the closest one (and the first one who RTd). So surely, this book will fly tomorrow.

I’ll just buy another copy. BTW, here’s the amazon link if you wanna buy the book, the sosi way.

The One Hyundai Club: Living it in Style

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November 12, 2011—bloggers , online writers and seasoned editors came together for One Hyundai Club’s (OHC) announcement: Hyundai Asia Resources Inc.(HARI) is set on giving us the ultimate lifestyle event of 2012– the One Hyundai Club: Life in Style!

First things first: yes, you heard it right. There REALLY is a ONE HYUNDAI CLUB, established on December 2010. It has 13,000+ members already, to date. The One Hyundai Club is the customer loyalty club that HARI,( the exclusive distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the Philippines,) organized to give back to the customers who believe in Hyundai. HARI, with 36 (and growing) dealerships nationwide, now ranks third in the automotive market.

Remember who sponsored that FREE RUN? Yes, it’s the same HYUNDAI that made the ACCENT RUN possible. Hyundai definitely lives up to “Creating Ingenious Possibilities for the People and the Planet.”

So, on January 14, 2012, expect a stylish, “this-is-the-life,” night prepared by HARI. This event shall be their way of thanking OHC members for their support to Hyundai, as they share the modern premium motoring lifestyle that Hyundai motorists are enjoying all- over the globe.

Watch out for these on January 12th:

1. The Launching of the One Hyundai Club Life in Style 2012 Journal
C’mon, Sam YG said it—all the ladies really want that Starbucks Diary. Well, if not that, give them the Belle Du Jour, Figaro, or the Moleskin Diaries. Women love journals, period. You know, like you guys love cars, your PS3s and the NBA. We love diaries and journals –the nice ones anyway. And this OHC Life in Style Journal is not an exception!
Owners of this journal will be treated to inspiring reads by renowed journalists and editors; a schedule of activities for OHC members for 2012; promos and freebies from Hyundai’s 107 partner merchants, to date.

2. Exciting Activities for Each Participant: Yes, you! You and your better half, your other half, or whoever you’re going to the event with.
Whether you’re the sosy-shopper, the food-lover, the classy chic, the certified nerd, the super buff, the sporty one, the boy-next-door, or the doting parent, Hyundai has something prepared for you. Look forward to experience beauty makeovers, cooking demos, indoor wall climbing, rapelling and art classes for kids.

3. Hourly Raffle!
Who doesn’t want to win? Everybody does. Hyundai and its partner merchants prepared nifty prizes for this big event. This is exclusive to OHC members. I’ve heard of the prizes, and trust me—I want to become a member now!!!

The best part about it is that whether or not you own a Hyundai NOW, you can come! This is open to One Hyundai Club Members, existing and potential Hyundai vehicle owners. Admission is absolutely free. HOW?

Log-in and register NOW at for more details. Got a facebook account? Like One Hyundai Club Life in Style too for updates.
Check for the opening of the registration from time to time, though. Registration opens once the details on the venue, schedule, etc. are finalized. Slots are limited, so watch out—you wouldn’t want to miss this “for every YOU” event.


Application is free for existing and new Hyundai vehicle owners. One Vehicle= One Member Card; so if you have an Accent, a Tucson and a Starex, you get three membership cards which you can assign to yourself, or your family members.

If your car’s pre-owned, you’re still eligible for a membership card.

With this, you get access to the latest from Hyundai, exclusive perks and goodies, plus you can earn points from Hyundai genuine parts and Hyundai services as well. ?

Stay with us for more Hyundai updates!

Poll Results: Who will top the PBA All-Filipino Conference elimination round?

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  1. Petron Blaze Boosters (28%)
  2. Brgy Ginebra Kings (19%)
  3. B-MEG Llamados (*also with Triangle Offense) (17%)
  4. Talk N Text Tropang Texters (14%)
  5. Barako Bull Energy (8%)
  6. Rain or Shine Elasto Painters (6%)
  7. Alaska Aces (*with Triangle Offense) (5%)
  8. Clickers (2%)
  9. Powerade Tigers (1%)
  10. Meralco Bolts (0%)


Total Votes: 257

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