PBA unveils Memorabilia, Photo exhibit at Robinson Galleria (Philstar Video)

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The Philippine Basketball Association last Friday unveiled a photo and memorabilia exhibit under efforts to further boost the popularity of Asia’s first play-for-pay league. The exhibit, located at the Sports Loop at Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas, Pasig City, features in-game photos and various basketball equipment signed by PBA stars.

PBA Commissioner graced the event, saying the exhibit aims to relive PBA moments for the benefit of its fans. “More than a marketing tool, this exhibit is a way of showing the public the rich action the PBA provides. We’re presenting history here,” Salud said shortly after the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Apart from photos and memorabilia, the exhibit also included the embossed hands of players and some lifesize posters of PBA stars.

Air21 guard Dondon Hontiveros also attended the event and mingled with the crowd.

Salud said meet-and-greet sessions with PBA players are scheduled at the venue in the next few days. The exhibit is located at the mall’s third floor and is open for public viewing throughout April.

For more sports videos, check Philstar Youtube channel here.

Dondon Hontiveros OR James Yap, Who is better?

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Saw these tweets… ivanne18 asked Paul Artadi, “hi idol cno mas magaling c para sau c dondon or c james yap? sana magreply ka =D”

And Paul replied diplomatically, “parehas magaling mag shoot!”

First off, I want to make a joke about Dondon & James both described being “magaling mag-shoot.” But will not do so.

Ok, just a little… on “magaling mag-shoot pareho”, muka nga.

Dondon VS James

Dondon VS James

Back to the question, who’s better? Considering these, (1) squaring off during their peak forms and (2) whole career stretch.

Your quick answer might be of course James Yap.

A big but, Dondon Hontiveros, as my friend insisted, is a franchise player type of guy just like James Yap. He just landed on super teams Tanduay & San Miguel, that’s why he adjusted his game in the PBA. Back in the MBA, as a young basketball player, he was Cebu Gems’ star player and MBA’s face in the south. Besides, some even consider Kerby Raymundo as the BMEG top guy.

Game-wise, both are deadly shooters and it’s a dead heat as far as shooting is concerned. Both are past winners of the three point shootout btw.

James Yap is a better finisher in the open court and he can get his shots off on his own just a bit better than Dondon. Hontiveros relies on screens and moving without the ball but can definitely score one on one as well when needed. But I am picking James Yap slightly in that aspect.

Dondon Hontiveros has slight advantage on defense. When committed, James Yap is a good defender as well. Both good passers when double teamed and good passers off-plays. Dondon, a willing passer throughout his career.

Both Dondon & James are well-loved teammates (reason why Paul can’t and will not pick one). Charisma, I’d say James Yap is ahead. Durability, I’ll give Dondon the edge too.

If the tie-break points goes to who the two, dated and is dating, we’ll be still deadlocked. You know.

Honestly, peak-for-peak plus career stretch, right now, I dunno who’s better. One of the rare instances that I don’t have an answer.

Help me & Ivanne, who is better? James OR Dondon?


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(This is not (just) about Sunday Salvacion, sorry Sunday fans…) 


Skipped doing a lot of stuff to watch the RoS vs. Air 21 and SMB vs. BGK games today.  I haven’t seen a lot of games from start to end lately but today’s action made me want to watch games live again. I’ve said it many times, the rush is just different when you’re there up close.


(Of course, skip feeling like a fat-assed midget when you’re watching live ‘cos nobody will really care anyway. Fan to fan, when you have that picture taken with your cager-idols, they probably won’t think that. So just enjoy the show and cheer your heart out. Who knows, the camera might spot you. )


Thanks to streaming and cable TV, I saw both games (started the RoS- Air 21 game on the second half, though) which were both, OK. Not much physicality, but a lot of air of wanting to win on both sides, on both games.


RoS are now on a losing streak (good luck sa angst ni Coach Yeng) but Air 21 just broke their skid. Alpha Bangura was BPG; the ex-beermen making good plays, and I’d like to say, showing better defense for Air 21. (I didn’t say perfect, but it was good enough for them to win.) Moreover, Dondon Hontiveros became the 5th player to be in the “800-3pts in his career” club.


JR Reyes was quiet this game, but he could have done better, as in his recent games. Was it the “it’s hard to ‘fight’ with my old team” jitters? Well, Coach Yeng who’s new to RoS on the other hand, is still the same ‘ol coach Yeng. Love him or hate him, he makes his team go that extra step with his intensity, most times.  


The Beermen, oh those beermen, may just have shed tears in the dugout after losing to the Gin Kings, on a 1- 5 losing spree. Not that they enjoyed it. Caguioa, seemed to be happy about winning against SMB. I’d like to think, “who wouldn’t?” but Quinito Henson and Mico Halili did mention that rivalry again, between him and Alex Cabagnot in Eaglerock. (Whose story to believe in, Cabagnot’s or Caguioa’s is another matter.) SMB may well be on the bottom position as of this post, although they are hoping to bounce back by winning ALL games they have left in the elims. (Good luck.)


We’ve been asking, “what is wrong with SMB in this conference?” and trust me, I’d like to believe in the “they lack chemistry” reason after the blockbuster trade to this point. Sunday Salvacion and Alex Cabagnot seemed to have a good start, then the energy just went down. What’s up with Cabagnot this conference? I seriously think he can do better, score more and pile up on the stats and not on heartbreak moments only. Clutch situations only happen when it’s a close game, and everybody knows that.


Anyway, ‘twas pretty much an OK night for the PBA, and I’d like to sum up this game night’s highlights with my “tonight’s favorite hoops tweets.”


(In chronological order, as they were tweeted from this afternoon to this mornight. Side comments in parenthesis mine.)




1 : @pbaconnect pbaconnect

coach yeng to referee #80 “tawag ka ng tawag! kanina ka pa!”

(Yari ka ref. Salubong na kilay ni Coach Yeng, tapos pinasabog mo pa.)


2. @fmango Fidel Mangonon III

Congrats to @dhonts7 for bein only d 5th plyr in PBA hstory 2 hav made at least 800 3s in a career– aftr Caidic, Magsanoc, Solis & @JAlapag3.

(We know Dondon had a good night. Plus tonight was his first win as Air 21.Great job, congrats!)


3. @v_concepcion Valerie Concepcion

Ang lupet ni Vanlandingham!!!!! Ang grabe lng!!! Hahaha! Nakakaloka ung shot nya na yun!!! Wala akong masabi.. ;) #PBA

(Wala nga siyang nasabi. Ano kaya nasabi nya kay Dondon? Hihi.)

4. @pbaconnect pbaconnect

8:34 3q warning on coach yeng for continuous complaining

(He started around just before the second half , I think. Ref kasi tawag nang tawag. Haha. )

5. @RoSUpdates Rain or Shine

aw…That’s was hurt!! But Congrats Air21

(WHO MAINTAINS THIS ACCOUNT? *I’m keeping quiet now. Hihihi*)


6. @jdv_38 joe devance

My ankle will be ok. Jus a minor sprain. I will be back by our nxt game. Hopefully. I cnt miss any games!

(Sorry I just had to include this. Yay, it’s just a minor sprain! Please please let Devance play on next game! )


7. @pbaconnect pbaconnect

napaliyad si coach ato nang iluwa ng ring yung tres ni yeo :)

(LMAO after I read this. Literally. Hanep sa update. Coach Ato, please don’t do a Pilita Corales.To funny for my imagination.  If your team is eliminated, please please don’t forget this is NOT the American Idol, there are no wild card picks. )

8.hooph Hoops Philippines

ay parang heat?? RT @nicole_eunice I think the Beermen are crying in the dugout

(Yes, baka they were too shy lang in game to cry. OR baka napaliyad lang silang lahat. Heat, ummm.. Heat beat Lakers. Beermen HOPE to beat the next teams.)

9.@snowbadua snow badua

What is wrong with San Miguel? Why do they keep losing?

(We’re asking too.)

10. @snowbadua: Mark Caguioa: San Miguel beat us last time in the semi. It was painful. Now, we virtually eliminated them. Sorry!

(Not yet, not just yet. Wait for it?! As Mico Halili said, SMBeermen need a “miracle of biblical proportions.”)

11. @snowbadua snow badua

SMB SOURCE: Our import is playing injured. That’s why he can’t defend well. There is plan. But we don’t if we still have time.

(We heard David Young didn’t play well the last time ‘cos the Japan quake troubled his focus, and now, he’s injured. What other reasons are there for Young? Poor import,all his “fault.” What happened to the rest of the team then?)

Bonus Favorite:  

12. @wesgon15 Wesley Gonzales

Our import APLHA BANGURA is a distant relative of STEVE KERR. He opted for bangura cos he didn’t want to use ALPHA KERR for obvious reasons.

(Not the latest tweet, but I couldn’t help posting. Hehe. Hope they give Wesley more playing time, kung anu-ano na naiisip sa bench eh. Hahaha. Naexcite pa yan sa pagtype, o!)

‘Til next game night, ballers!


And if you want more laughs, follow Wesley Gonzales.