Happy Anniversary, Hyundai! The Epic Free Run Rocked!

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Good morning, Quirino! Good morning, Luneta! :)


Looks like Hyundai will have to host another running event, after this morning’s free run! They said it, if it’s well – attended, they’ll plan another one. So are 24, 000 runners enough to define, well-attended?

When I first learned of the number of registered participants, I was already anticipating a “walking” run event. Good job, Second Wind, they actually managed that.  A lot of people were actually really running, although a lot of others just enjoyed the experience. Assigning the attendees to run in waves made more room for participants to actually run.

Alright, I admit I used my excuse me’s this morning going through the route, since we can’t really force everybody to run our respective paces. All good. Marshalls were all over to keep the race and the runners organized and safe.

My 5k race bib, said “H” on it. Good, I have a major excuse to finish last. Coming from almost a year’s running hiatus, I’m happy I finished the route in decent way and in decent time. My pace today was slow and steady, and I worked on greeting people I recognized. Like a politico waving. I finished, well, far from my best record, but good enough to overtake some “E” runners. (Competitive?!)  

Seeing all those present despite the change in venue made me so proud to have been part of this event.  I indeed made history with Hyundai!  They really dared to innovate, not only their environment – friendly product offerings but also the way they gave back to the public as well: all runners and their chosen beneficiaries alike.  AND it was a major success.  (I fell in love today. Fell in love with Hyundai’s white i10; I’d run miles for you! Haha!)

Thank God for a beautiful morning!  Water stations were overflowing with water, so nobody was left thirsty and overheating. There was not a single drop of rain, except for that fire truck which showered runners towards the finish line.  WE LOVED  IT! Definitely ‘cooled’ many runners. Field was dry, and everybody there was really, in high spirits. Libre na, nakaexercise pa!

Hyundai management were visible in the run and by the looks if it, they had fun too .Regine Tolentino and Boom Gonzales hosted the opening while Lucy Torres and husband Richard also participated in the run to support Hyundai’s celebration and advocacy.

Sure, it was a fairly easy terrain to run, nothing fancy with the mechanics; just plain fun. Besides it being a run for a cause, it was a celebration of achievements for Hyundai, a celebration of wellness for many enthusiasts, and a celebration of life for all. Hyundai Accent Run 2011 was kept simple, and so it was a success.

Congratulations, Hyundai, you pulled it off! ‘Til your next event!           

We Made History With Hyundai!

We Made History With Hyundai!


Ready, Set… ?!

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So by this time, I hope all of you have your Hyundai Accent Run Race Kits! I just got mine earlier, and special thanks to Jeremy of Hyundai who went, sort of, “door to door,” to get the race kits delivered. OK, it wasn’t door to door, just area to area by the looks of it.

Here’s the race kit…

And here’s the race map, if you haven’t seen it yet. As we posted, race starts at Quirino Grandstand.

Hyundai Accent Run 2011 Race Map

Hyundai Accent Run 2011 Race Map

Assembly Time Details
10k Assembly Time: 4:30
10k Gunstart for Wave A: 5:00 AM
10k Gunstart for Wave B: 5:10 AM
10k Gunstart for Wave C: 5:20 AM
5k Assembly Time: 5:30
5k Gunstart for Wave D: 6:00 AM
5k Gunstart for Wave E: 6:10 AM
5k Gunstart for Wave F: 6:20 AM
5k Gunstart for Wave G: 6:30 AM
5k Gunstart for Wave H: 6:40 AM
Assembly time for 10k runners is at 4:30 am, and 5:30 am for 5K runners. Gun start is at 5am and 6am, for 10k and 5k events, respectively.
If you have other unanswered last minute questions, log on to: www.hyundaifunrun.com and add up Hyundai Fun-Run on facebook!
I’m excited, I hope you are too! So I’ll see you there! GO! :D