From the stats: Jayson Castro William – Asia’s Best PG

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jayson william AKA jayson castro

jayson william AKA jayson castro



Call this my FIBA Asia hangover post.


With lots of time in my hands, I decided to browse through the FIBA Asia website (Which ironically is working better now) and look through the statistics of the recently concluded tournament. Focusing on the recently awarded Asia’s best point guard named Jayson Castro (William),  I shifted my attention in comparing his stats to all Asia’s top floor generals and I came up with these few uhm, observations. (Please see photo below for reference)

jason castro


  • Castro, among the best Asian point guards in relevant Asian teams, ranked second among scoring (11.8), second only to American naturalized point guard in Kazakhstan’s Jerri Jonson (12.3). 
  • Assists would be the only knock on Castro’s stats as he fielded in just 3 assists per game, lower than Jonson, Chih Chieh-Lin (Who despite playing the two guard position, does most of the play making duties for TPE) Yang Donggeun and Mahdi Kamrany. Castro averages higher than China’s two point guards though in former NBA Champion (lol) Sun Yue and Chen Jianghua. However, for argument’s sake, it would be easy to say Jonson and Lin averages a lot more assists than Castro because they tend to dominate the ball more, being the focal point of the team’s offense. Kamrany on the other hand has the luxury of having a 7’2 behemoth waiting for him in the paint in Hamed Hadadi, something that Castro doesn’t have. One could make an argument that he has Marcus Douthit and while Marcus’ service to the Gilas team is invaluable, he’s no Hadadi.
  • Another thing to look at would be Jayson’s minutes. Jayson averaged only 20 minutes a game during the tournament but when you’re sharing point duties with really good point guards in FIBA Asia veteran Jimmy Alapag and 2012 Jones Cup MVP LA Tenorio, it’s understandable. Kamrani averaged 24 minutes a game, Jonson averaged 30 minutes a game and Donggeun averaged 21 and Lin likewise averaged 23.
  • One more interesting thing to look at is how Jayson turned on the switch during the big games. In the elimination rounds Castro just averaged 9.6 points per game and 2.8 assists. In the knockout stages, Jayson strutted his wares as he upped his averages to 16 points and 3.3 assists per game.

So there. To anyone else saying Jayson didn’t deserve to be named into the FIBA Asia all five, think again. More so than the numbers, the impact of Castro to the team weighs so much more. Is Jayson Castro-William Asia’s top guard right now? I believe so.