Slam Book with Matthew Manotoc

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The first sports you picked up?

golf at 3 years old. soon after, i played my first tournament at 5.

Most embarrassing moment you experienced while playing a game?

i have two. one was air-balling a lay-up after getting the offensive
rebound in the last 30 seconds. the second was thinking i won a match play
golf match when i hadn’t. we had to play the last hole due to my mistake
and thankfully i won.

Aside from sports & games, what are your other hobbies?

Sports really dominate my life but i also enjoy music, food, humor, movies,
fashion, and TV

What super power would you like to have and use it while playing your sport?

I wish i could jump higher. At 6’2”, I’m always asked if i can dunk but I’m
regrettably vertically challenged.

Favorite team NBA?

Die-hard KG fan since he was in Minnesota so now a Boston fan.

Favorite team PBA

i can’t reply as it would be unprofessional.

Favorite team UAAP?

I actually work with UE now so i support (and recruit for) the Red Warriors.

Favorite team NCAA?

Unprofessional again. Hehe.

Fave healthy food?

seafood salad at UCC!

Favorite sports book?

david falk’s the bald truth: it’s MJ’s agent on how he revolutionized
basketball management. it’s precisely what i’m trying to do here and now.

Favorite sports movie?

jerry maguire (obviously!) and remember the titans.

Favorite sports magazine?

Men’s Health, Slam, and Sports illustrated.

Favorite sports personality actor? (Like, Shaq, etc…)

Does Charles Barkley count? i do like Shaq too though.

Favorite boardgame?

I don’t really play boardgames. i grew up playing sports so rarely would we
play with toys or games. Taboo is fun though, if that counts since it is

What is your favorite alcohol? Ginebra?

i don’t drink much but when i do, i prefer San Miguel (or most draft beers)
or scotch and Sprite, which is surprisingly better than scotch and coke.

What is your sports motto?

Diligence trumps talent.

Who’s your sports hero (alive)?

KG, Tiger, MJ, Pacquiao, “Bata” Reyes, and Nepomuceno. Ali and Bruce Lee
are alive and well in my eyes though.


What is your jersey number?

13 because all the good numbers were taken and the cocky kid in me said i
can make the #13 lucky. Youthful, naive arrogance. Hehe.

What type was your first car?


Sports celebrity crush (foreign)?

Natalie Gulbis and Ivanovic.

Sports celebrity crush (local)?

No comment. Haha.

Have you dated a sports celebrity before? Yes? Who?

no. hehe.

Offense or Defense?

i like playing o more but d is more important as my dad has taught me.

Jaworski or Fernandez?


Boxers or Briefs?

boxer briefs actually. best of both worlds.

Boxing or MMA?

Boxing – wrestling is foreign and unexciting to me.

Low cut or High Cut?

Lows, highs are too heavy and restrictive.


What do you play for?

i play to win.

Who do you play for?

i play for the team.

Do you drive fast?

Far too fast for my own good.

Do you coach?

Yes, I coach Middle School boys at my alma mater International School
Manila. The same team I played for (and lucked out by winning MVP! hehe)
just over a decade ago.

And of course, something LOVE… Top 3 sports you love?

Basketball, Golf, and Boxing. I guess that makes me only 2/3 filipino.


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